Alastor returns

Nyoki stared out on the horizon, where he flung Alastor. The demon is not dead, he thought. Weakened, but not dead. Nyoki clenched his fists before staring straight at the ground below. He clapped his hands together and began to chant in a forgotten language.

Esir Kaos, esir dna raeh ym aelp!

Suddenly the ground began to shake violently. The earth itself seemed to explode in large debris of dust and dirt. Nyoki placed his arm over his eyes. When the debris subsided, there was a titanic hole in the ground. Powerful blasts of wind spew forth from the hole, making an eerie whispering sound.

"Pleasure to meet you Kaos," Nyoki greeted.


Alastor awoke suddenly. He went to sit upright but yelped in pain and fell back down. "Damnit!" Alastor shouted. He gripped his shoulder with one hand and his leg in another. Blood was running down his hands as he tried to cover the wounds.

Alastor suddenly sensed something. Three powerful beings had just appeared. The first presence was another demon, a powerful one. The second was a faint presence, but a presence nonetheless. The faint aura of an exceptionally powerful angel. However, it was the third aura that made him stiffen in fear.

"Something... powerful..." Alastor mumbled. This being's power was unbelievable. It rivaled the power of Nyoki, maybe even surpassing it. He groaned in pain as he forced himself up, using his broadsword as a crutch. He gazed at the horizon. He couldn't beat these creatures off alone, he was sure of it. "Damnit!" he roared. Once again, he needed help. The question was, who would be stupid enough to serve him? Zanaria was out of the question and so were a lot of the other strange warriors. "Who would help me-"

Suddenly a strange surge of power assaulted Alastor. He froze for a minute before being engulfed in a bright flash of light. "What?!" Alastor cried. Suddenly it seemed time itself had become his enemy. A ringing sound assaulted his ears as he felt himself being taken to another area...


Alastor rubbed his eyes. It seemed that he was still in the same place. Suddenly he spotted three figures. One was the female mermaid thing that Zanaria had kidnapped, then Zanaria and a boy with flames sprouting from his arms. "Just my luck," Alastor cursed. He was now defenseless and powerless while three warriors fought below him. Alastor suddenly realized his foot no longer ached. He gazed at his shoulder, its wound being healed as well. Alastor smiled and rose. "I don't know what magic has done this, but it is a very good thing it did what it did."

Alastor roared, three large columns of fire rising from the earth. When it subsided, three large, drooling and howling Cerberus creatures appeared. They howled each of their three heads in unison, creating an eerie and bone chilling symphony. Alastorsmiled and pointed at the group below him. "Retrieve them," he ordered.

The lead Cerberus with a spike collar howled. "They must be alive, no exceptions." The Cerberus whimpered. "No exceptions!" Alastor growled. The beats whimpered but nodded. It howled again before taking off, its two brethren following close behind.



The End

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