Zanaria slowly desended from the sky, landing softly behind Sedusa. He walked up to the mermaid, who seemed to be in a daze.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, placing his hand on her shoulder. The last time he had came even close to touching her was when they had fought, but then he had his talons extended. It seemed so long ago.

Sedusa froze, Zanaria's hand seemed to be sending electrical shocks down her arm. This was a new feeling, one that had no reason to come up in her life previously.

"What for? I shouldn't have prodded." Sedusa spun towards the avian, still clutching the walking stick she had given Zanaria not too long ago. "I didn't know you cared so much about....him."

"I shouldn't have flew off like that." Zanaria ran his fingers along a a strand of Sedusa's hair. "I have never been so touchy. I usually kill the people who prod." But who could kill someone like you? Zanaria thought to himself.

Sedusa smiled. "You must have changed, your encounter with that evil."

"I don't change for anyone, well except for......." Zanaria stopped as a blast erupted behind him. He pulled away from Sedusa and ran towards the explosion.

"Deja vu..." The boy said, picking himself off the ground. He looked at his surroundings. "Why was I moved here? Oh no."

"Burnt Marshmallow?" Zanaria growled as Issac stood gaping at his worst enemy. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I wasn't here before, something placed me here." Issac took a step back from Zanaria's newly extended talons.

Sedusa ran and gripped the avian's shoulders, straining to hold him back. "Don't do it! Zanaria, it won't help anything!"

"It will help clear up some unfinished business!" Zanaria roared as he lunged for the pyrokenetic.

The End

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