The Demon Arvid held himself awkwardly, fire pulsing in and around his hand. Dark red and black tattoos feathered and fluttered over his skin, patterns emerging, darkness weeping out of them like throbbing ulcers. His hair flapped, ungainly in the wind, his clothes, blotted with burns, his body flickering into patches of fire.

Moonal closed his eyes. He had betrayed his only belief - to protect and enhance all life. He had failed himself, he had failed his predecessors.

"London, Anna" Moonal said solemnly, "Leave. Run as fast as you can and find the others. No matter what you do, do not look back."

Fire enflamed in Arvid, his eyes narrowed and he smiled menacingly. "Oh, my dear Moonal, I'm afraid you don't understand. No one is leaving here, not alive at least." He splayed his hand, each finger spreading apart, a small flame igniting at the tip of each of his five digits. With the smallest flick of each finger, he flung the small fireballs around them all, each exploded incredibly upon impact, lighting up the dark forest around them.

A circle of fire surrounded them, growing taller and taller by the minute. Moonal looked around calmly, sighing, dishonoured and ashamed.

"Then, I'm afraid Arvid, you leave me no choice."

Moonal's armlets glowed, luminescent in the dark night surrounding, his hair flairing up in the impossibly shaped green mesh of knots and dreads. Markings on his skin blazed, furiously bleeding white light into the opening, tearing into the darkness like a splinter of neon. Shapes that had lightly riddled his back stood together as words of a new language now glinted under the evil moon.

Once explosive, the fire exstinguished immediately. The wind dropped. Nobody moved.

"You see, Arvid. I control time, and if I don't want you to move, then you won't move. If I want your heart to stop, then it shall stop. You see Time is an all encompassing device. I control destiny, I control fate, I can control life and death. Don't forget that, if you must test me, there is no opportunity for you to win."

A bright green ring pulsed from Moonal's extended arm thundering across the clearing and pressing deeply into Arvid's chest. His face screamed shock and pain, then he was ultimately hurtled into the distant clearing, falling flat to the floor, and showing no sign of movement.

"Woah... Moonal, you're amazing..." Anna begun,

"Leave, now." Moonal didn't turn to face London and Anna.

"But... you've beat him, haven't you?"

"It'll take more than that to dispose of him, he is a powerful demon. Leave now."

London took Anna's hand, and they dispersed into the night.

Moonal took a deep breath, and a transformation begun, his tail extended, spikes billowing out from the end, a trail of spikes spat out of the furred skin of his spine, his body grew and flexed, pulsing muscles grew and grew. At twice his original height, Moonal looked devatatingly powerful and had no intention of showing this demon that took his patient any mercy.

"Fight me, deadbreed."

The End

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