Above the Styx

Through the ethereal wasteland, glided Autumn, chic elegant, graceful. Powdered gold glistened and crashed softly against her skin, waves of ghostly mist washed over her in tides, sheets of it's silky orchid cruor clinging to her tanned oriental skin.

Below, the dead surfed a frenzy of colourless hands. Beads of sweat forming on the wrinkled, leathery skin of fingers that clasped the flowery carriages of the silently drifting souls.

Everyone wore black, each person clothed entirely in a neat black outfit, shoes, dresses, suits. Everyone wore black. The parade of dead were sent to have their souls eaten in style, they would look smart as the met their nemesis, the very being that would prevent their judgement and take their essence as a quick fix, a drug, an upper.

Autumn neared the Amethyst Swift, the boat tilted and reared in the decay of these greying hands. Rotting into black around the ship, the hands caved in and decayed, the boat itself travelling on a deadly black pattern of emptiness, bleak darkness and turgid shadows.

Glancing down at the billions of dead as she past, Autumn realised how big this all was, how horrifyingly real it all was, how dangerous and unexplainable what was happening was.

Autumn had always found the good in everyone, even before when she had previously met Kaos, she knew that what he did was for love, and he fought for love. He fought wrongly, but he fought for something powerful and beautiful. But now, now she could find now justifications in his actions, he had destroyed planets, peoples lives throughout the whole universe, and for what? Revenge?

The Amethyst Swift was but 200 metres away. Autumn could feel, with distinct intensity the sheer darkness of this man, this one immortal set on doing anything just for revenge against the Phoenix.

Up from below, a thousand cold eyes glared up. One pair in particular pierced the violet shadows and the golden cinders. Sharp as steel, from a mist of person, a person unmoving, cold and dead, two ice cold eyes stabbed the dead world.

"Arvid?" Autumn whispered in horror...

The End

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