Tracing The Ethereal Moon

"What do you mean everyone?!" Autumn's eyes widened.

"Everyone, everything living has been consumed by darkness, bar yourself and your newly made acquanticies." Inochi replied.

Inochi was swathed in a gleaming white cloak and mask, there was no way of telling who was behind the mask.

"What about Silver? Is Silver ok?" Autumn's voice quivered, the moon spat it's turgid waves of light down upon her, it trickled over her terrified expression, kissing the features of her face with a delicate, fearful beauty.

"Silver, should be on his way."

In the distance, the huge ethereal pirate ship, 'Amethyst Swift' rocked on the faux liquid of greay hands, it harvested the souls of the dead, reaping their energy, focussing it, somewhere on board into Kaos.

"What is happening?" Autumn turned to look at the ship encapsulated in folds of penumbral mist.

"Kaos found enough power to send the Nekuran, a dark species of soul reapers, into the universe, their orders to manifest as many souls here in Ghost Line that they could... that way, Kaos gains more power and-"

"- he can come back to life?" Autumn finished Inochi's sentance.

"Yes." Inochi turned and walked away from Autumn, opening, behind her a shining white portal. Before entering he turned to speak once more "There is more to it than that though. There are more things at work than Kaos' evil. I was the one that put you all on that planet together, you are the strongest, smartest beings in the universe, whether all of you know it or not. You cannot stand alone against this threat, you must come to understandings, and stand together, united, you stand a chance."

"But how can we fight this? It's a relentless attack, we never have a moment to rest!" Autumn's face creased in concern, she had never been considered important before.

"You will find a way Autumn. Heed my warning, there are more Gods and Demons at play than just Kaos, though he is bound to cause you some grief. You must tell Moonal to leave, Kaos cannot find him, and you must protect Silver when he arrives. You must then find the rest of your companions and fight together... May the Phoenix be with you." Inochi disappeared in a flicker of light, that burst instantaneously into flames.

A solitary tear cascaded gently down Autumn's face. She couldn't let this happen, if she destroyed Kaos now, no one else would need suffer, if she could end him now, she would have prevented him from harming the rest of them.

The moon flickered above the boat in the dark orchid light, Autumn faced herself in it's direction, with all intention to destroy...

The End

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