Twisted Emotion

Zanaria landed on a ledge of a cliff, not to far from where Sedusa was. The area he sat was quiet, the perfect place to collect scattered thoughts and emotions.

"I-I-I didn't kill him. I know that for a fact."  Zanaria muttered, still wiping salty tears from under his eyes. "I have never cried over this before, because I know it to be true. Why am I crying today?"

The clouds swirled in passionite arrays, dancing with the beat of this cruel nature. The wind rushed past the rocks, curling around the outcroppings in loving embrace. The peacefullness and the serenity of everything, engulfed Zanaria.

He closed his eyes and tried listened to the symphonic tones of this planet.But intertwined within the organic chords and tones lied something Zanaria never expected.

Sedusa. Her voice began to cloud his thoughts, it soon became the only thing he could think of.

"What's wrong with me? Zanaria clutched his head, like the thoughts were a bad headache. "I haven't felt this way since...since...."

Zanaria's eyes shot open.

"Oh, no." He ran of the edge of the cliff and outstretched his wings. He flew as fast as the wind could take him, back to the place he had recently fled. Back to the person that he had abandoned just a few moments ago.


The End

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