Zanaria collasped, tumbling towards the ground. He was still weak from the spritual prision, but at least he was able to move.

"Here." Sedusa tore a branch off the dead tree a few feet away. "It'll help you out." She looked at Zanaria so much different than she had when they first met, she looked so much kinder.

Zanaria took the stick and used it to pick himself up and out of the dirt. He looked back at Sedusa, then began walking foreward again.

"I know it is a kind of touchy subject with you, but I have to know." Sedusa blurted out. "Is this Liako the reason you are so angry?"

Zanaria halted and looked over his shoulder. Anger welled inside of him. How dare she ask about him again!

"It is none of your business!" Zanaria began walking towards Sedusa, who realized that pushing the bird-boy's soft spots was a bad idea. "The anger has always been there! Plus, you aren't haunted every night by a restless spirit, who belives that you killed them! I DIDN"T KILL HIM!"

Zanaria threw the walking stick to the ground and took off into the cool air. He felt tears streaming down his face, creating streaks down the dirt that covered his cheeks.


Sedusa watched quietly as Zanaria flew off, hopefully towards one of the groups. She wanted to hate him after that outburst, after the screaming and strewn emotions. But she found herself, feeling sorry, wanting to help him.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" Sedusa muttered as she began walking once again, after picking up the walking stick she had given to the Bird-brain.

The End

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