Isaac stumbled backwards when the darkness rose into the sky. It went up as far as he could see, where it met with the swirling clouds. Red lightning streaked through the air, the resulting thunder shook the ground.

And in front of him, shadow doubles approached. What am I supposed to do? he wanted to scream. There was a little girl behind him who was in way over her head. She had let the darkness near her, she treated it like some sort of pet. She seemed to be able to anticipate it's every move, she seemed to control it at some points. She -

The idea dawned on him. It was a long shot if there had ever been one, but he couldn't take them all.

An earsplitting scream sounded from the other side of the shadow wall. "Lisle!" he called. "Lisle, if you can, make the shadow wall go away! Let me in!" The middle of the wall quivered slightly, and it produced a bubble. "Let me in Lisle!"

The middle of the wall quivered again, and it pulled open a fraction of an inch before starting to close again. "Open it!"

The wall of darkness spread open, and Isaac seized his chance. He jumped through the hole, only to see more shadow creatures on this side. And... They seemed to have surrounded another little girl! Where are they coming from?

"How did I do that?" Lisle asked. Isaac turned his attention to her. She was starring at her shaking hands, her mouth hanging open just slightly. "Yeah, I was like that my first time too." he smiled.

The shadows were running toward them now, they were paying no attention to the other little girl. But what was worse, she was running with them. Are the copies getting better?

He let the fire lick along his fingertips, savoring the feel. He concentrated on each shadow individually, each one bursting into flames. All except the girl running toward him. Shadows he could torch. He'd even burn the bugs. But he couldn't will himself to bring his fire out to harm that one. Shadow or not, it was too human. The other copies fell to the ground, but they'd be back on their feet any second.

That's when the blackness caught his attention. It was moving very slowly but steadily into a cocoon around him. He looked to Lisle, who had her forehead creased in concentration. Once they were entirely encased, she looked up to him.

"What do you mean, your first time?" she asked, her voice shook with the strain of controlling so much of the darkness.

"I'm an Elemental." he explained. "An Elemental is someone who can control the elements at will. If you hadn't noticed, I'm the element of Fire." He held his palm up, allowing the flames to dance over his hand. "Now, there are six elements. There is the element of Fire, of course. Then there is Earth, Wind, Water, Light, and - "

Lisle seemed to get where he was going with this. "And.. you think... I'm Dark."

"No, I thought you were Dark before you moved the shadow wall. Now that you have, I know you are Dark." Isaac said clenching his hand, extinguishing the fire.

"I can't always control it you know." she said after a short span of silence. "It just sort of has a mind of it's own."

Her words struck a chord with him. He decided she didn't need to know about that one little flaw of his power. Not yet, at least. "Fire is a pretty tricky thing to control too you know."

He would have been perfectly contempt with sitting there, in their dome of black protection, but Lisle seemed to be losing control over it. The walls quivered, giving it the appearance of a giant black bowl of jello. "Tired?" he asked.

"Yeah." was all the reply she gave.

"Takes allot out of you the first few times. I'll take over for a little while." Isaac offered.

As the black dome started to disintegrate, it was instantly replaced by a dome of crackling red and orange fire. He could use a little rest himself, but he could hold out. For a few more hours, at least.

The End

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