Collision Course

The darkness obeyed Lisle perfectly; actually, it had obeyed Lisle perfectly until an hour ago. By now, however, the darkness had far surpassed the stage where it gave her things when she wanted them. Before she knew she wanted something, now the darkness would provide it considerably ahead of time, as if had the foresight to see all that lay in her future. Lisle now trod not on the ground itself but on a living carpet of the darkness, and she did not question why, she simply knew that something of the ground was not good for her safety. The darkness knew why, and that was good enough for her. The darkness had her best interests in mind. The darkness only wanted her protected.

Lisle continued walking for some time before she stumbled upon the boy, and then she knew why the ground was dangerous, because growths of razor sharp blue grass were abundant in the area surrounding the boy. There were cuts on his skin that must have come from the grass. His eyes were wide - and somewhat intense – as his gaze swung down from something in the sky to land strongly on her.

“Who are you?” Isaac asked harshly. Despite herself, Lisle felt afraid.

“My name is Lisle.” She did her best to pitch her voice low – think reassuring – in order to avoid a confrontation. So there were other humans on this planet. Could he be a native, or another misplaced character like her?

Isaac took in her appearance mistrustfully. Aware of the tension that could erupt if this boy was violent, Lisle held perfectly still. At her feet, she felt the darkness wrap itself around her sturdy hiking shoes, transforming them into an attractive but seemingly ordinary pair of long black boots. Logically, this action must mean that the boy did pose some threat to her – or else, a threat would only occur if he spotted the darkness. Why was it hiding?

“Who are you?” Lisle’s voice rang perfectly clear in the still air. She tried to downplay the challenge in the question, but the sudden and apparent cowardice of what had been essentially her guardian demanded she supply her own bravado in exchange, and in spades.

“I’m Isaac.” His reply was short. Terse. It gave her nothing to work off of. Lisle was disarmed. How could any stranger take such an immediate dislike to a mere child? She had seen how Alix had played with the sentiments of the adults in their lives. A little smile...some asking someone’s name, she only demonstrated a sense of curiousity, and who ever disparaged curiousity in one so young?

Before her eyes, Isaac’s hand abruptly burst into flame. No, he wasn’t burning; but somehow he held and controlled the fire in his grasp. Lisle’s eyes grew large as the proximity between the flaming appendage and her grew very small in comparison. “I saw the darkness with you!” Isaac shouted. “You are not the same as those copies. But what kind of human are you, to be so familiar with the dark?”

The darkness leeched out of Lisle’s shoes as she stood silent and trembling. Drawing itself up, it made a wall between Isaac and Lisle, but then it kept going. Lisle, who had been so in tune with it since the beginning of her journey, interpreted the shadow’s expansion as- well, welcoming. The darkness was reaching up towards something in the sky, and whatever it awaited was not her; something else that the darkness expected with great joy was on its way. She felt betrayed, and at the same moment, black came crashing back down upon the earth, but not all the darkness was her darkness. Several sinister forms came into existence no more than two metres away, and now the Isaac who was her would-be assailant was the only thing that stood in the way of the dark figures. Lisle thought she recognized one of their opponents, and she began to scream.

The End

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