Clarity Twilight

The twisted twilight creased with the dark shards of Autumn's ethereal wake. Feathery wisps of violet smoke wavered haphazardly from the inked parchment of the bizarre portal. An eerie silence followed Autumn into the nothingness, kissing the world with an impenetrable perception of confusion and betrayal. 

Still stunned, London was the first to break the silence. "Where the hell does she think she is going?"

A twitch of the eye

"It doesn't matter, we don't need her."

Moonal was lost for words, he couldn't possibly begin to explain what had possessed Autumn to leave so abruptly. Had the concept of Kaos shaken her so badly that she fumbled her way back into the time void in hopes of seeking a back door portal to another world?

Slithers of the sun crept uncertainly behind the foreboding dark shadows of land, swallowing the light with its sharp jagged teeth like mountain horizon.

Arvid settled into a deep sleep, the herbs Moonal had given him were more effective than expected, and he was out within minutes. This presented London and Moonal with a dilemma, they were in no position to continue travel, each of them would have to carry another. Should they get ambushed they would be thoroughly unprepared. 

"Hey, Moon dude, can't you just work your magic and get us to that time void that we met you in?" London propositioned. 

"It doesn't function like that, I am afraid, my dear London. A mortal body is ill-used to the Chronos Bleak, it would, over time, cease to function. You see, in the Chronos Bleak, time doesn't simply just stop, it doesn't exist there, your body... your mind is incapable of understanding the concept of a place without time. Your body slows to a halt, your blood stops pumping, your mind stops thinking, you would die. That is why Autumn only transported you there for such a short period of time."

"After all I've seen and been through the last few days, I think I could start to understand a place without time!"

"London, it isn't nearly as simple as how I explain it, you have to be dead or immortal to live in a place that isn't reliant on the passage of time, your bodies function due to the passing of time, mine doesn't nor does Autumn's."

"So let me get this right, Autumn is dead?"

"Hm, you could consider her so. She died, is a more accurate phrase, though I wouldn't say she is dead."

"Wouldn't that make her, I don't know, undead, a Zombie?"

"She is the chosen dead, she is part of a regal outfit of angels that protect and serve, in secrecy, the life forms on a planet under the care of the Immortal Phoenix."

"Wait, back a step... She's an angel??" London frowned.

"Well, in training, yes. She was recently released from The Ghost Line by a renegade Angel; Silver. Who used to be the second in charge, until he fell in love with Autumn. All very complicated, these mortal relations."

"What is the ghost line?"

"It is a place the souls of certain dead go, in this place, the dark immortal Kaos sails a great ethereal ship, harvesting the souls of the dead, summoning power from them, in hopes that one day he can return from the Ghost Line, and defeat the Immortal Phoenix... myself, and the Immortal Ezin."

London's brow creased, he tried to process all the information that Moonal had shared with him.

"Why does he want to defeat the Phoenix and yourself?" London pondered.

"When the universe began, four immortals came into existence... not God's just embodiments of certain management, each controlling a separate element of the universe - time, space, life, death. Kaos, controller of death and Vade, the phoenix, controller of life fell in love with the same entity. This resulted in a battle of enormous proportions, Ezin and I, the weaker of the four of immortals, escaped to our own planes of existence to protect the gifts that we were to manage. 

Vade was stronger than Kaos, he banished him to another dimension. However, before he was expelled, he pricked his finger, at which point two droplets of blood fell from him. Vade thought Kaos was gone forever, to rule over death in an alternate realm. 

Vade had been wrong. These droplets of crimson grew to serve one purpose. To return Kaos to this realm, since that time they have served as satellites to him, through them he can locate dark thoughts, and harvest them, to trick them into allowing his mind to control theirs.

If he ever gains enough power to return to this world, he will search for Vade, in attempt to destroy him, and then search for the one he loved, and destroy them for their betrayal."

"Do you think this has any bearing on what is occurring here?" London seemed intently interested on this story.

"Everything about it suggests this is dark enough to be Kaos' doing, but I don't see what he would have to gain from doing this?"

"Well look around at who is here, two powerful elementals, two angels, a powerful mermaid, a centaur, an undead bird, a mass killer eagle man, a highly intelligent lizard thing... Could he not be trying to create a dark army to serve him in his battle against Vade?"

"Hm, it is a possibility, though it just doesn't seem like him, it is too obvious, and he hasn't made an appearance yet. He isn't a shy Immortal."

The sky rocked cobalt, in the distance a dark plume of smoke creased into the forest, plunging deeply into the floor, streams of black powder made the sky look grey as opposed to black. 

Moonal and London glanced over.

"That..." said Moonal "... is the trail of a renegade angel"


The End

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