Zanaria paced around the "Realm of minds". He was supposed to be back in his body, killing that creep, Alastor.

I realeased something bigger than what I thought. Zanaria began replaying what happened in his head. He "copied"my body then disposed of me. I saw Sedusa for about a second, then I wound up here.

"Knocked out." Issac stated to no one in particular. "We were some how Knocked out in such a way, that our minds actually can't go back."

Anna stared blankly back at Issac, "Like an Epiphany?"

Issac nodded, then turned to Zanaria. "Were you knocked out?"

Zanaria's eyes widened at the question, "Sure." He said, but inside he knew he wasn't. His mind was just recovering from the power inside of him, nothing more.

Anna suddenly clutched her head, and cried out in pain.

"What is it?" Issac asked her, slightly startled by the scream.

"Nothing. This is normal, like a three second headache." Anna smiled, the pain already gone. "I think of it as that my mind isn't handling being away from my body. I guess you could put it that way."

Issac nodded, but he felt his stomach tighten. The longer we stay here, the harder it is to go back. Anna has been here for so long, she's almost, fading.

The smell of blood wafted around Zanaria's nose. His spine tingled as the familiar scent tugged at his senses.

"Do you smell that?" He turned to Issac, who gave Zanaria a funny look. "Blood, do you smell it?"

"No, There is no scent here." Issac breathed in deep, thinking he was just missing something. "Zanaria, your chest!"

Zanaria looked down at his chest and gasped. His chest had begun to fade, along with his other appendages.

"What's going on?" Anna stared at Zanaria in horror. "Issac, what is happening?"

"He's leaving." Issac said simply. "A battle has brought him back."

Zanaria closed his eyes, the smell of blood was everywhere. He felt something pull at his chest.

"Zanaria are you ok?" A voice called out to him. "Wake up! The blast scalded your arm."

Zanaria opened his eyes and saw Sedusa staring down at him, looking worried.

"Zanaria, I'm sorry. You were burnt by the shadow's blast, but I blocked most of it with my own N-uke." Sedusa sighed when she saw the avian open his eyes.

"Burn cream, in my belt pack." Zanaria coughed as he tried to sit up. "What'd I miss?"

The End

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