Pervasive Penetration

With one last fearsome effort, Alix attempted to expel whatever was choking her. Into her hand fell a perfectly formed white mass that twitched the longer she stared at it. It was alive. The larva squirmed in the cup of her palm, as if it were trying to worm a way back into her. A part of it touched her wrist and, flinching, Alix dropped it to the dust. Unlike the harder, shelled insect she’d seen earlier, this…this grub did not disintegrate. It crawled away, and it seemed that the shadows themselves sped the thing on its journey. Alix felt sick; she felt bile rise in her throat, but she didn’t want to vomit in case she found more creepy-crawlies formerly of her body.


Alix crouched down, whimpering, “What’s wrong with me?” As she stared, horrified, at her own hands, she realized abruptly that she wasn’t all there. She could see through part of her right hand. There, her flesh had greyed and become less than opaque. She likened the new material of her hand to dark chiffon: lightweight, sheer, slightly rough in feel, and fraying at the ends. Terrified, she wrenched back the lapels of her coat, and she found the skin on her neck was deteriorating too; so were her arms, beneath her sleeves; and her calves, beneath her long skirt.


In the window of a part of her leg, Alix saw another larva pass through her. It gave her the most eerie sensation of being violated. “This is your fault,” Alix whispered hoarsely. “How did you get inside me?” “You” grew to encompass a great number of bugs, as she saw numerous larvae pass in and out of her vision, like they were being carried by her blood. If she hadn’t seen them, she wouldn’t have known they were there. She could feel nothing. A veil of dread fell over her mind, and her brain slowly stopped working the way it should. Maybe she was in shock, but Alix surrendered herself willingly to the feeling of numbness.


As one, all the larvae circulating her body suddenly reversed direction and began to flow up towards her head. Although Alix couldn’t have seen it, a cluster of five larvae settled themselves around her physical mind, and then she really couldn’t think for herself anymore. The Darkness opened her eyes and smiled delightedly. It felt so much more powerful controlling a real human body. The doubles it had been making weren’t turning out so well; maybe with this host, it could defeat some other originals and take over them as well.


Alix might have been unaware of her own powers, but the Darkness was not. After only an instant of dominance, the Darkness instinctively knew the full extent of her capabilities. In only a second, the Darkness commanded “Alix” to dissipate. The nature of this world, unlike Earth, allowed her body to explode in a shower of wispy silk-like threads. The fibres drifted upon the breeze towards the other side of the planet – out of the planet’s shadow – and, incidentally, closer to Lisle. For its plans to progress, the Darkness needed to assimilate all of Alix’s consciousness. Her mentality was already evident in every fibre of her being that was currently flying away; however, her final shred of personality was attached to that creature, her “twin”. The Darkness would enjoy devouring Lisle as well.




(Nothing from Lisle at this point)

The End

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