The Realm Of Minds

Isaac floated around in the dark, every second an hour, every minute a year. The dancing colors taunted him, but worst of all was not knowing. Not knowing if his fire had turned on his friends or simply concentrated on the bugs, ignoring them.

He sighed as he tried not to think about it. The only thing worrying would do would be either give him a headache or an upset stomach.

"Hello?" a voice called. It was a girl. As it echoed out into the nothingness, Isaac bolted upright. "Hello?"

Then there was an echo louder than any drum beat. He wasn't sure what it was. "Who is this?" he yelled. He was scared. He thought that he was alone in here. It wasn't the first time he had been plunged into this dark place. But never before had he encountered someone else.

Maybe I fell asleep? Could I be dreaming? he wondered. If I am, no need to ruin it.

"Who's out there!?" a very familiar, angry voice rang out. Now that person he knew for sure. "Zanaria?" he called amazed and unbelieving. It took a moment for the memories of Zanaria to return to him, for him to remember that Zanaria was under control of a demon. His breathe caught in his throat.

The pounding behind him stopped, so Isaac turned around. The girl, who for the longest time had been unconscious, stood before him. She looked scared, but she also looked relieved. Happy, even. The sight brought a smile to Isaac's lips.

A harsh clank announced the arrival of Zanaria. "Hello, runt." he sneered. "Anyone have any idea where we are?" He doesn't sound any different. Isaac thought. But I didn't trust him even when he was normal.

"No, but I've been here before." Isaac announced. Anna's eyes shot up to look at him, and Zanaria narrowed his gaze.

Isaac sat cross legged on the ground. "Might as well sit, it's a long story. Besides, it's not like any of us are going anywhere."

Anna sat down to his right, keeping an eye on both Isaac and Zanaria. "Well?" Zanaria spat.

"Well, as you already know, I have been pyrokinetic my whole - "

"What's pyrokinetic?" Anna interrupted. She flinched when Zanaria turned his glare to her.

"I can start fires with my mind." Isaac said.

"You can WHAT!?" she shouted. Zanaria snickered.

"Can I continue?" Isaac asked. She crossed her arms over her chest but said nothing.

"Well, anyway, since I was very young there has been this little... spark, in my chest. I could control it at will, sparking fire whenever and wherever I liked. One day, I got really angry. The fire fed off of that, and grew. It grew so much in me, it took over. Then, I was here." Isaac gestured around the empty blackness, flecks of color swirling around them.

"I don't get it." Anna said. "Have you been here since then?"

"No, eventually the fire got tired, and I was able to take control back." Isaac answered.

"So you just got mad again?" she asked.

"No, ever since then, it just periodically tries to take control back. I can normally push it away, but this time, something... something was helping it."

The group fell silent after that. Zanaria was starring at him strangely. It made him feel uncomfortable. He couldn't stand the silence, so he spoke again. "So, why are you here?"

Zanaria turned away, so Anna went first. "I don't know. I was falling, then... then an angel saved me." she blushed. "I know that has to sound crazy, but I'm - "

"I know that angel." Isaac smiled. "In fact, I'm the one who saw you fall."

"Well, thank you. But that's the last thing I remember. There was a horrible noise, and I was here."

Autumn. he thought. He hadn't thought about her for a while. I wonder if she could travel to this place? She did take us outside of time after all.

"I'm here because of a demon." Zanaria spoke quietly. Isaac had to strain to here him. "He made me think we were alike. Then he trapped me inside my own mind. Tried to make me a puppet! Then a... then I was here."

Isaac knew that wasn't the whole story, but he didn't press him. He hadn't been expecting to hear anything at all.

It did give him something to think about though. I was put here when the fire took my body. I always thought I was trapped inside my own mind, but now it seems I'm more of a mind without a body.

Anna... what if Anna had fainted? Then she was put through Autumn's... whatever that was. I'm sure that had to be allot of trauma to her? What if her mind was sent apart from her body?

And Zanaria said a demon took him over, and there was certainly more to his story then he was telling.

The pieces seemed to fit themselves together. They were trapped in a realm of minds with no bodies. But how to get back...

He wished he knew.

The End

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