Into Ghost Line

Knelt besides the crippled Arvid, Autumn peered down in horror as blood congealed in the deep wound on his chest. Looking up at the dark patterns converging within the shape of shadow Alastor, Autumn glared, fury filling her dark lilac eyes. 

"I am going to rip you apart!" her teeth gritted and voice harsh, she pounced up at him, ethereal strands pressing the atoms in her body apart, sifting through him like a strange gas. 

He swung forward, then behind, his sword sinking deep through her, yet having no impact at all, his movements were swift for a man of his size, yet he had no chance against this ghost. 

As Autumn plunged past him again, she faded back to solidity and kicked his legs from beneath him, quickly returning to her ghost form, rolling around him to his side. 

His sword fell heavy as he tripped, his grip loosening slightly, his back finding the floor with a strong beat, punching the breath out of him succinctly. 

Once more opaque, Autumn kicked the sword from his hand and shot a pulse of violet energy cascading into the shadows chest. 

"Boom" She spoke, glaring at him from beneath her brow. 

Dark Alastor expanded slowly, pulsating with strange vibes of dark ghostly energy, little white larva seeped out of his eyelids and ears, mouth and nose, abandoning their great host and fleeing for their own lives.

In a shower of dark and white bugs, the figure exploded, shards of darkness spattering around the camp site, bleak fragments, hard and sharp scattered to a halt. These pieces grew unfathomable limbs and crawled dilapidated into a sparse forest tree line. 

Some time passed, London spoke quietly to Anna, or at least he sat near Anna speaking to himself. In someway it appeared he tried to comfort her, perhaps in fear of her restless soul

Autumn stared out towards the west. The explosion that had rocked the world had come from that way. The way in which they had come. 

Moonal tended to Arvid, his wounds were deep, but easily healed, he'd need a great deal of rest for him to return to full health and ability, but Moonal was confident that with time he would be fine again. 

Arvid was sore, some sort of demon pride was bruised, and it did hurt, despite his attempts at ignoring his demonic powers, the traits seemed to slip through from time to time, not something his human side was proud of. He knew he could be weak, but he wasn't going to stop being weak, because he knew that it gave him humanity, which in turn offered him the trait of kindness.

He held Moonal's hand gently.

"Thank you Moonal." he looked up, eyes soft "Thank you for trusting me, for feeding me, and for helping me. Thank all of you. I don't know where I'd be without you." He smiled, then closed his eyes. 

"Get some rest my friend. It would appear there are many tribulations ahead of us." Moonal spoke softly.

Autumn continued to gaze out towards the west. Ethereal sparks resonated around her, pulsing and fluctuating in lilac ribbons, silky and wind swept. Her hair curled in the damp twilight, her eyes glistening sharply against the sunset. 

Why do I feel so alone? She asked herself, her mind ticking over. Anger riddled her, fervor creasing her face into a fracture of spider webs, a tangle of muscles plucked into a facial expression of fear, angst, anger, loneliness and pain, deep, deep pain. 

"I'm going for a walk." She said, suddenly, confidently, determined.

"You what?" London frowned.

"London is correct, Ghostling, this is no place to go for a stroll" Moonal peered at her disdainfully. ", we must stick together, you're going no where."

"Oh yeah? Watch me" Autumn spat.

In an explosion of dark and twisted poison ink purples, translucent and gracefully spindling ethereal energy cascaded inwards on Autumn's one simple step forward. She removed herself from the living plane, and into another dimension entirely, a dimension not so far away, but imprinted below the real world.

Autumn stepped alone into Ghost Line...


The End

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