A Dark God, This Way Comes.

They had walked the entire day, and the trek had left them feeling bizarrely energized. Autumn's eyes had recovered well, the fresh air this low in the mountain range had done her a world of good. She had taken to walking without guidance half way through the day. She claimed her eyes were still slightly blurry but was confident to walk by herself. 

Arvid had been speaking avidly to Moonal, their discussions crossed between different plains of reality, strange concepts of time passage and the theories of possibility; quantum physics and the such. 

London quietly spoke to himself with a great deal of urgency in his voice, he held Anna comfortably in his arms, showing now signs of struggle.

When the group reached a nice outcrop on their journey up the steadily ascending folds of mountain, they decided unanimously this would be a good place to set up a camp fire and possibly a forted defense for the night. 

Moonal had disappeared for a number of minutes at a certain point in the day to go in hunt for food, his return proved to be fruitful, he had hunted down several small animals that he declared safe to eat, fruits and berries that he had collected seemed appropriate for a small meal that evening. His scouting skills were exquisitely tuned. At several points during the day he had come across a rather bizarre looking fruit, dark skinned and unnatural looking. Arvid had been tempted by his cravings for food to bite straight into one. Luckily Moonal had noticed and knocked it out of his hand, instantaneously a swarm of little white creatures swarmed out of the frayed fruit, writhing and screaming silent screams.

As her eyesight was regained, Autumn begun to develop a head ache, complaining of a strange sense of something... foreboding. 

As the group set up their campsite, efficiently and quickly, they begun to relax, Moonal was quick to take up position of cook, and rustled up a good hardy meal for each of them, catering carefully for Autumn's Vegan needs.  

Dark wisps of smoke like cloud hissed through the air, silhouetted like vast plump dragons against the teal sky of twilight. They threaded their way towards the dark plains of sand that the group seemed relieved to have past without too much harm. 

Autumn showed a great concern for Anna's welfare. She should have come around by now, she wasn't dead, she was breathing, everything seemed normal. She did have quite a harmful fall, but her bones all seemed intact, she had escaped with minor cuts and bruises, she had been lucky. So why hadn't she come around?

The whole day and evening passed without any more mention of where they were, what they were up against and what they should do. The truth of it was that none of them knew. Moonal felt quite confident that they would all come out of it alive. London secretly thought to himself that Moonal would betray them when the times got tough. He could just slip back through his time portal. I bet he wouldn't even think twice about leaving us behind. 

Autumn filled her thoughts with the others, she wondered how they were doing, and whether they had made it away from Alastor... she even wondered if Alastor had faired well against the shadows that had chased them. 

"Anyone want some... erm... small defenseless animal... on a stick?" Moonal stumbled over his words for the first time that the group had known of. His tail quivered restlessly behind him. He stood, quickly, his attention on the horizon, in the direction they had came.

Autumn followed suit, not long after, simultaneously with Arvid. 

London feasted on another small defenseless animal, oblivious to the dark presence that had caught the attention of the others. 

"Dear Ra, that is powerful." Moonal uttered. "It's almost as if Kaos were here"

"Don't say his name." Autumn grimaced, her eyes still on the horizon. 

Darkness leaked over them, as night time carefully etched the sky in black tendrils. Floods of dark thought lymphatic, pored them, fingered their minds, testing them with sinister ideas and fire... lot's of fire.

Arvid winced... he wouldn't less this take him, he wouldn't be the victim of his own heritage... he controlled his own destiny. He did.

A second darkness throbbed in the air, a new pattern of black kissing the shadows in their minds, feeling them. A second darkness... Very strong, very near. 

Brittle winds flourished and feathered the camp fire, it flapped like a damp flag at first, then with a snap it cascaded in on itself, sulphuric smoke wriggling in the wind like light silk.

The air near them pulsed and flexed, something darker than black leaked out, inking the air itself in a mess of rhythm and shattered glass filtering slowly out of the ant sized hole in the world... something dark was coming....

Something dark was coming very soon indeed.

The End

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