The Demon Lord faces an old foe...

Alastor gritted his teeth. He stared back at Sedusa, who was quckly making her way away from the demonic shadow Zanaria carrying the real Zanaria on her back. I should have known he was causing all this... But I thought he was...

"Just a myth?" a voice rasped.

Alastor clenched his fist. The demon had read his mind. Zanaria had been tricked into relasing one of hell's most powerful demons. So powerful, that the demon king himself had to seal him away for all eternity. Except that the avian warrior had relased him from his imprisonment. It all began to make sense. The shadow clones, the creatures, the rain, it all added up. Only a powerful demon could have done all of this. Only one demon's name crept into his head. The forgotten tyrant, the eternal shadow, the darkness incarnate. Nyoki. "Well, well, the old one comes out at last!" Alastor roared.

The demon let out a horrible laugh, causing the very earth to crack and the shadows to squirm. "Foolish demon lord! You know not of the power I posses!" The shadow demon raised his arms in the air, his twin swords twisting into a strange, shadowy tendril of darkness. One of those tendrils lashed out and struck Alastor through his chest.

Alastor let out a gasp befroe coughing out blood. "You little worm!" He yelled, raising his broadsword and cutting the tendril in half.

Nyoki let out another laugh. "You're weakened Alastor! Using up the remainder of your pwoers to free the eagle was foolish. Of course, thats what any human would do...

Alastor's eyes began to burn with rage. "I AM NO HUMAN!" He roared, charging at Nyoki, his broadsword drawn. Nyoki merely sneered before dissappearing. Alastor stopped, searching for the demon. "Come out you..."

Suddenly two shadow tendrils impaled themselves into his leg and right shoulder. Alstor winced in pain as Nyoki drew closer. "Foolish demon lord! You know as well as i do that every demon once possessed a human spirit. And no matter how wicked that soul, it still contained a small amount of compassion. That, young demon is your downfall, that kind human side of you revealing itself by affecting your choice to assist that bird. Pitiful really. I on the other hand lost my humanity eons ago, entitling me to do whatever I please!" He yelled ocne more and threw Alastor many, many miles away.

One thought pounded against Alasor's mind. "Not again..."

The End

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