Trapped Within your Mind

Deep within Zanaria's subconscious lay Zanaria's true spirit, caged around bars filled with demon energy. Every attack he made, every time Zanaria attacked the bars, he was thrown back into the center of his prison.

How was I persuaded? How did I fall into the trap Alastor had set for me? Zanaria's spirit took the form of himself, his normal spirit was usually spread around his body. Alastor's demonic power had collected it and locked it away. I trusted some one, for the first time I let myself think that some people are trustable. Never again, I will never do it again, no matter what.

Zanaria closed his eyes, he began to see what his body saw. He could catch just the slightest glimpse of Sedusa out of the corner of his eye. He was more worried about the shadows grouping in front of him.

The look on Sedusa's face, she feels sorry for me. But I can see that she hates me, nonetheless. "I" kidnapped her, "I" got her in this mess. Zanaria screamed inside his cage and began ripping and yanking at the bars surrounding him.

Demonic markings that coated the cage burned into Zanaria's skin, a force tried to push him away but couldn't fight the anger ridden avian.

I AM NO ONE'S SLAVE! I AM ZANARIA, EAGLE HUMAN! I AM THE SLAYER OF MILLIONS! Zanaria fell to the ground gripping his head, the anger welling inside of him. Even in his spirit form, the gash on his cheek was present, feeding off of the anger. The demonic power began two crawl along his face, taking control.

"Let me guide you, young one. I will free you of this cage." The demonic spirit spoke to him. "Isn't that what you want?"

I trust no man! I trust no thing! Zanaria screamed at the voice. The demonic power was already covering his chest, moving faster as the anger increased.

"Yout have to trust me, you will be in total control. I will just lend you my power." Zanaria froze for a second, smiling, he liked the comromise.

Yes, you will obey me! I will control you! Zanaria's body became overwhelmed by the power, he was now more of a slave than he was before.

"No one controls demons. They control YOU!"


Sedusa gasped in horror as Zanaria's body became engulfed in what seemed to be shadow. Demonic markings were emblazoned across his skin. It was hard to tell if he had facial features, the only thing visible were the bright red eyes.

"A demon can only fight a demon." Alastor breathed, not even glancing at the shadow creatures that were scattering from the power growing inside Zanaria. "I put too much power into him, his body can't handle it. His spirit was broken."

The darkened Zanaria took a step forward, and the real Zanaria fell from the shadows limply. Sedusa ran to catch him, she didn't even know if he was alive.

"Zanaria, can you hear me?" Sedusa felt for a pulse and sighed when she found one healthily beating. "Are you ok?"

Zanaria fluttered his eyes and tried moving, but found himself weakend. "Can't move, Demon lied. Agreement broke." He coughed, and Sedusa helped him sit up.

Alastor swept his broad sword through the darkened mass of demonic power, smiling when a few of the runes dissapeared.

"If I keep attacking it, the demonic power will weaken. It will eventually turn back into a plain shadow being!" Alastor cringed at the words he was saying. He was actually helping, but he caused this mess, he must fix it. "Zanaria, you will be fine. Rest for a moment."

Sedusa took the oppertunity, and ran with it. Slinging Zanaria over her shoulders, she began running towards the specks on the horizon, her group. Her mind was on overdrive, she knew how the shadow beings were being created, how there were shadow duplicates of everyone on this accursed planet.

She just wasn't sure if it was Alastor work, or the work of another more powerful demon.

The End

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