Dance To A Mermaid's Tune

Sedusa slowly shook her head and came back to consciousness. Somewhere near her was the same flutter of steel and wings that had suddenly carried her off into the night sky after momentarily knocking her out. The blur resolved itself to vaguely form Zanaria’s powerful figure. He was busily battling the black shadow-swarm moving in from all corners. He stopped his swordplay, for a fraction of a second and looked at the mermaid. Then, with no time to spare, he concentrated on the shadows again. But the brief glance had been enough. Sedusa had seen the glazed look in Zanaria’s eyes, watched his jerky movements as he fended off the swarm. She couldn’t help but think that he looked more like a finger puppet than the regal warrior she had fought just a little while ago.

A thundering noise from behind her, made her look in that direction. She gasped as a giant behemoth came into full view. The demon, clad in heavy armour, all marked with curious sigils, was swaying his massive broadsword into the midst of the darkness around him. With each swipe of the large blade, he cut a path, but it quickly melted back before the darkness covered them again.

A few drops of the black rain fell on her tail, and she turned to look at it. With startling clarity, she saw tiny shadow creatures emerging from the black drop sizzling on her green-tinged scales. She shook the drop off with a flick of her tail and slithered forward, pulling forward her N-Uke. As she did this, several thoughts raced through her head. She had guessed that Zanaria had kidnapped her and brought her here, perhaps under the orders of this giant demon. But at the moment, they had a common enemy. And Sedusa knew exactly what to do with the enemy.

Sedusa pointed her fret upwards and strummed with all her might. There was a blinding flash as several gigatons worth of radioactive sonic energy flowed out of the guitar in a powerful stream towards the swarm. In a reflexive action, both Alastor and Zanaria jumped out of the path of the energy. Even through his dulled mind, Zanaria  thought, “I do not want get on her wrong side.”

The beam of destructive energy hit the dark swarm with a searing crack. As each of them slowly tried to look up at the darkness, they saw what was happening up there. Where the beam had hit the swarm, the swarm had turned blood red, and white shock waves were emanating from the focal point and traveling along the swarm. With each wave, they could see more clearly, that the dark shadows consisted of dense swarms of the same shadow creatures, shaking and waving in throes of pain. Sedusa played the guitar again, this time, a rough two-chord riff that reverberated through the energy beam. The focal point turned white, and then with a loud bang, the shadows dissipated into their component creatures, writhing and falling from the sky, some of them bleeding the strange white insects. All around them, char-broiled white and black things fell to the ground, covering the blue grass.

When the energy finally died down, Sedusa blew the gentle smoke off the fret. Alastor looked at her with renewed interest, before bellowing, “I was just wondering that I could use another powerful slave.” Sedusa’s eyes narrowed. Just then, Zanaria made a strange choking noise, pointing out over the freshly clear plains. Sedusa and Alastor both looked around. Slowly, but surely, the black shadows that had fallen were slowly regrouping, forming together. Everywhere, Alastor could see small lumps of darkness in the ground. It would take a while, but soon enough they would be whole again. And Alastor did not want to be around when that happened. He spoke in his sonorous voice again.

“Well, sea-thing, perhaps we should concentrate on getting a move on first.” Sedusa gritted her filed teeth, but nodded her approval. Alastor continued thinking to himself, “The slaving can be done later too.”



The End

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