Zanaria sat on top of Alastor, who was still in his true demon form. Alastor had warned him of the incoming rain, and he began to look for cover.

"Whoa there!" Zanaria called out as Alastor leaped over a trench, jarring his mending arm. "Watch it, before I stab you!"

Alastor chuckled and retorted, "You are threatening me? I can kill you by blinking!"

Zanaria gazed towards the horizon. It was hard to belive that only 10 minutes before, he had agreed to join Alastor. He had agreed to leave behind the people he had travled with for so long.

I know that at least a few didn't hate me, at least not that much. Zanaria thought, still wondering if his choice was for the best. And this Alastor guy, saying he has a "mission" for me, what is that all about?  Demon Lords are all powerful and mighty, can't he do it?

Suddenly, Alastor stopped moving. He tilted to one side, so Zanaria could jump off.

Alastor began to shift back into his human form. "You must kill the Angel, from your torn group. You won't be affected by his light, I will."

Zanaria stepped away from the demon. "You never said I would have to kill anyone!"

Alastor pulled out a small red pocket knife from beneath his armour. His red eyes glowing in anticipation.

"Zanaria, did you truly expect me to add you to my own party, to have you sit on your filthy bird butt? Did you think that I was going to do all the work?" Alastor slowly was making his way towards Zanaria.

Zanaria pulled one of his swords out, and pointed it at the demon. Alastor just chuckled and jumped on top of Zanaria.

Crying out in pain, Zanaria extened his claws and began slashing at the dark figure above him. His arm bent, once again, at an unnatural angle.

The red blade of the pocket knife rested on top of Zanaria's right cheek, he could feel blood begining to run down his neck.

"I always intened to do this." Alastor grinned. "I knew you would disobey me, just not this soon." Alastor clicked his teeth and dug into Zanaria's cheek

Zanaria screamed as Alastor's demonic power surged through the blade, cutting Zanaria's flesh with raw darkness.

Zanaria, in one last attempt to save himself, thrust his extened claws at Alastor's breastplate. He put all of his strength into the final blow, but he was to weak to peirce the thick metal.

I'm sorry. I made the wrong choice, once again...... Zanaria thought as the darkness clouded his mind, knocking him out cold. 

"I did need another minion." Alastor smiled as he threw Zanaria over his shoulder. "I guess I forgot to mention to bird brain here, that it was willingly or unwillingly. He will kill that Angel, even if I have to infuse more demonic power into him."

The black rain began to fall from the equally black sky. Alastor sat under a rocky outcropping, waiting for his minion to rise.


The End

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