Black Rain

Isaac and the band of creatures that, until only recently, he would have disregarded as imaginary walked through a plain of dark blue grass they had found. All of them had to tread carefully for the blue grass, as the centaur that called himself "Vlad" would testify, was very sharp. I never thought I'd be so thankful for shoes.

The crow, Crex-something-or-other, had long ago decided to circle above them in the sky. I feel like I'm being watched by a vulture. Isaac kept repeating every 5 or so minutes, just whenever the shadow happened to catch his eye.

Every so often they would pass a tree, and every time it had a deep purple fruit, roughly the color and size of an eggplant, that smelled like an overused gym bag.

They had been walking for what seemed like an eternity and a half before they finally came to rest under one such tree. Crex came and landed in one of the branches before pecking at one of the fruit, revealing it was pink on the inside. Just that little touch of color made it the most beautiful thing Isaac had seen in many days.

"Are those safe to eat?" Isaac inquired. "Anything is safe to eat for Crexnettle. He is an undead bird." the raptor, Michael, replied. Isaac had a distinct feeling he was dumbing it down for him, but the thought of food chased away any anger stirred by this.

"I think he meant for us." Vlad said back.

"Do you not think that if I knew, I would have eaten the first one I saw?" came his retort.

Ah, another one who doesn't like not knowing. Isaac thought.

"Well, one way to find out." Isaac sighed and reached for one of the many awful smelling fruits. He took a bite and chewed it thoroughly. He didn't know why as he knew if it was going to make him sick, that wouldn't do a thing.

But the fruit, contrary to the smell, was very sweet and tasted like the mutant baby of a banana and a plum. There were little black seeds throughout like a watermelon that he spat out.

He hadn't even realized the others had decided to join him until he was done and went back for seconds. Well, all except Michael.

Isaac offered him a piece, but what he assumed was a smile spread over his scaly feature. "No thank you. I'm a carnivore." Isaac shrugged. "Suit yourself."

And so they stayed like that, under the tree enjoying the fruit until they were all full, and then rested.

Darkness took over the skies, but the sun was still high in the sky. It was either smoke or clouds, but Isaac didn't see any fire. He was still uncertain though. Nothing in this place was normal, but he normally knew smoke when he saw it.

But when a black drop fell from the sky and flattened the sharp grass in front of him, it was enough to convince him.

"I think it's gonna rain." Isaac told the bunch. "Yes, I noticed." Michael said. "I saw the clouds." the angel said.

"Well... shouldn't we find somewhere to stay dry?" Isaac asked. Sedusa laughed bitterly. "Where?"

Isaac was preparing a retort when he remembered she had been the one that called him "firefly". At the time it had seemed insulting, but it sounded kind of cool. And at any rate she was right. It was flat. Everywhere was.

But we can't just stay out in the rain! I'll get sick! He fumed. Sure, maybe the the zombie bird and the angel don't have to worry about getting sick, and the other three are used to staying outdoors. But a human like me needs to keep warm and dry!

Red lightning cracked so loud, Isaac thought someone had fired a gun. "Well I don't know! But we have to find somewhere don't we?" he asked.

"That may be, but it still doesn't -"

"OW!" someone yelped. Isaac spun around to find the centaur doing some odd dance, grabbing at his behind. "What is it?" Michael asked. There was a mixture of curiosity and urgency mixed with his usual flat tone.

"I think something stung me! It burns."

Another drop of the black liquid fell in front of Isaac causing him to look up. The clouds he had previously thought were smoke were still moving far to much like smoke. They were a little thin and moving too fast. They were also hanging very low in the sky. If there were a building a couple stories high, he felt fairly sure he could reach a hand out and -

"AH!" Isaac shook his arm furiously, burning pain shooting through his arm.

"This doesn't feel right." the angel muttered. "My arm doesn't exactly glow for a puppy." the centaur said angrily. "Whatever it is hurts!"

Michael's clawed hand closed around Isaac's forearm. "Let me look child." he said softly.

The rain was coming a little faster now. One drop landed in the tree and slid down the trunk. Another landed on the branch and dripped down onto a piece of fruit. The sound of dozens of impacts could be heard like an echo throughout the plain.

"I believe you're right." Michael said looking toward Vlad. "Whatever it was, it went right through Isaac's shirt, and the skin is red and swollen."

A rustling sound made Isaac look up as they talked. Up at the tree and the purple fruit.

"Guys! The trees!" he yelled.

The black rain was clinging to the fruit whenever it happened to touch it, and the fruit that was touching it was starting to dissolve.

The End

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