Dawn Solace

Black tentacles crawled lymphatic out of the sky, racing towards the horizon behind the five companions. They had reached the ivory spires. Sharp points, higher than they had previously thought, thrust up into the new dawn sky, cerulean and calm. The day looked like it might be a nice break.

Behind the spires the mountains began to roll, it became clear in the morning light, shadows cast off the rocky giants, that expansive forests graced the hill sides on approach to the ice capped mountains. Nothing could be seen past them, and nothing could be seen in any other direction, a decision needed to be made.

"We need to decide whether to go onwards into the mountains, or to start walking in another direction. The forest is most likely going to allow us some cover for a while, it may even be able to quench our hunger and thirst, but then after that, the mountains may be perilous, we don't know what could be on the other side." Moonal spoke solemnly.

"I don't think it's wise to stay on this plain, we should progress into the forest... take some rest, feed ourselves." Autumn considered her hand on Moonal's shoulder, readily awaiting movement.

"Even if we go into the forest and up the mountains, what does it matter? We need to find our way off this rock, preferably by night fall." London argued, "it doesn't matter if we've had food and rest if we're only going to be attacked again tonight. We have no objective, we're just traveling, we need some direction!

"Master London, if you have any propositions in which you can inform us, feel more than free to guide us." Moonal glanced at the leather attired man. "After all, you're right London. You are. We don't know where we are going, but we're more likely to find somewhere to go if we carry on... an answer isn't going to come to you. Besides which, as far as I am concerned I want to put off fighting with that Demon as long as possible, and that is in the opposite direction. It would also appear as though he has acquired an accomplice." Moonal peered back in the direction from whence they had came.

"What?" London frowned.

"Zanaria, I'm afraid is a misguided soul... and misguided souls are often found by the devil's underling"

Tails of night cascaded cobalt into the edge of horizon, freeing the world of the last of shadow for the night. A bleeding sun clambered up the sky, piercing the world with a volley of heat.

With Arvid following silently in thought, Moonal guiding the blinded Autumn, and London carrying Anna,  the strange company moved out and into the fertile hills. Eyes watching them carefully as they carved themselves a path up towards the mountains.

The End

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