The sound of metal hitting the shadows was an unpleasant one. like nails on a chalk board or an unearthy scream from a certain undead bird. But Zanaria didn't care about all those things, right now, he was fighting for his own cause, the reason he even came to this planet. To right his wrongs is his own mission.

Zanria thrusted a sword into the nearest shadow being and watched the bugs crawl away, in fear or in planning, Zanaria couldn't tell.

"Huh, one left." Zanaria launched himself from a nearby wall and dove down at the last one. He watched in horror as it dissapeared, like mirage in the desert. Zanria tried to put his swords away, but he was too close to the ground. His swords emedded themselves into the dirt and Zanaria was flung against the ground like a rag doll.

His arm was bent in an unnatural position, but everything else seemed fine. For a second he though about checking his swords, but remebered that they were made from the Farthar Ore of a recent planet. Farthar Ore was indestructable.

He pushed himself off the rock he landed on and looked back to where the rest of his crew once was. They had moved over to a dip in a wall of rocks, he could barely see them. Then Zanaria looked over to the other group, the one with the flame boy, Issac.

 They were pointing towards where he stood, or above him perhaps.

"What the heck are those freaks staring at?" Zanaria said as he looked above him. He could see a giant sword slashing across the shadows that covered the sky above him.

Suddenly a great big paw-like hand swooped down and picked Zanaria up. He brought Zanaria close to his face, and studied him.

"Oh, your not an angel, are you?" The canine like creature chuckled. "My bad."

Zanaria attemped to wiggle free from the giant's hand, but was reminded of his broken arm when pain shot from every nerve ending imaginable.

"Let me go! Stupid Dog!" Zanaria put a scowl on his face, to cover the small drop of fear he felt. "I ain't no angel, and I never will be one! I have caused so much pain to my brethern, my family and some others that I haven't even gotten to know yet."

The canine smiled, almost in agreement. "All those things are fun, yes? Destroying others is quite...Demonic." The canine leaned in closer and whispered in Zanaria's ear. "I am Alastor, demon lord. Join me my good friend, for you don't belong among those who haven't killed. You and me both know the pain that comes along, the ghost haunting you every night, the cries from their spirits."

Zanaria just stared at Alastor, thinking of the options he had right now.

Would this help me redeem myself? I mean, he seems to speak like he is troubled too. Maybe he is trying to right his own wrongs. Zanaria thought.

"Well, what is your choice? Go back to those who have never understood you? Or stay with me, who knows how you feel?" Alastor questioned, begining to loose his patience.

This bird freak should cave in any moment. Alastor thought. He was begining to waver, he wanted to the helpless bird so bad. You could be so useful to me.

"Your choice?" Alastor echoed one last time.

The End

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