The Demon awakens.

Alastor was grappled to the ground by a large shadow creature.

"Damn that girl!" Alastor swore to himself, struggling to keep the creature from crushing him. Although he could barely remember what happened, he had a notion. Autumn had somehow used her powers to not only stun him, but also call forth more outlanders. Alastor also sensed the presence of an angelic and demonic creature.

"Just my luck, an angel and another demon!" Alastor yelled, throwing the creature high into the air. It let out a shriek before Alastor yelled and punched through its body, spilling black bugs everywhere. Alastor landed and winced at the growing pain in his body. "Can’t keep this up."

Suddenly Alastor glimpsed a twinkle of light beside him. he turned and gasped. There lay the blade part of his broadsword, the markings on it stained with mud and blood. Alastor smiled and picked up the blade. He then made a few slices into the air, testing his weapon's effectiveness. Alastor then smiled before turning to a large group gathering north of him. He recognized some of the figures as the people who had captured him but the others he had never seen before. Alastor then curled his fist as he glimpsed not one but two angels. Standing beside one of them was a demon, or at least what should have been a demon.

"Filthy half-breed." Alastor said to himself. He then stared at his sword, then the group, then at the large group of shadows approaching. Alastor smiled. "Although as much as I'd like to see those fools slaughtered, I would rather slay the infidel shadows that attacked me. Suddenly Alastor's eyes began to glow. His sword also glowed, radiating with hellish powers. Alastor gave out a yell before bursting in an explosion of fire. When the fire disappeared, a large canine like creature stood in Alastor's place. Alastor howled in rage, revealing his true demonic form. He then gripped his broadsword, which had grown enormous proportions. He faced the large group of demons and charged, the very power of hell flowing through his veins.




The End

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