The sphere of white protection made no sound as the pieces spilled onto the gray dust, nor did they disturb the dust and send plumes in to the air. The shards became duller and more translucent by the moment, until they had completely faded from existence.

Isaac took a brief moment to look at the groups. He wasn't sure who half these people were or what they were capable of, but from the looks of it his group had all the muscle.

He could clearly see Zanaria, who's name he had learned during the speech, still wasn't delivering at peek performance. Then there was that girl whom the angel had saved, as well as the man in the trench coat. He didn't believe either of them could fight well. And then there was that mysterious Asian girl that he had seen floating before. She still looked nearly unconscious.

Of course, after the way Moonal had moved he figured that would be the groups one chance, but that may have been something to do with the time field.

But, when he looked back at his own group, he realized the only person he knew was the angel. There was a mermaid with a guitar. Not the strangest thing I've seen today, but close. he thought.

Then there was a a strange looking and unpleasant smelling black bird, a centaur with a pulsing yellow stone arm and, what appeared to be a raptor split in two. Well, this still makes about as much sense as the rest of what's happened.

His gaze went to the imposing shadow creatures, leisurely making their way toward them. They were trapped, the only thing behind them was the cliff.In front of them their certain demise. So, he made a slit second decision.

"I'm going to buy us some time." Isaac told the angel. "We can't fight them, so get those two geniuses talking. Figure something out."

The angel shouted at him, told him to stop more then likely, but Isaac had stopped paying attention. He was sprinting toward the shadow figures. He stopped when he felt he had a safe distance from the others, then let the fire do as it wanted; what it always wanted no matter how much he gave it.

It flew from his hands and flashed along the ground. Once he had encircled them from where he was standing to the edge of the cliff, he forced it higher.

He took a step back from the wall of swirling fire. "From one hiding spot to the next." he muttered. he was about to head back to see if his advice had been taken when the wall rippled. He stopped to watch. Well that's never happened before.

It rippled again at the same spot, larger this time. Then again, a few flames sprouting out towards Isaac. He walked backwards, unwilling and unable to take his eyes off of it.

The most violent tremor yet, a spray of fire ran over Isaac. He covered his face to protect himself from the heat, but as this was his own fire it didn't leave a mark on him.

"Somethings coming over!" Zanaria yelled. And indeed, three black shapes were soaring over the wall.

Isaac raised his hands to shoot them at of the air when a fireball flew past his ear. Turning on his heel, not 3 yards from him, was the shadow copy of himself pushing it's way through the wall.

That's impossible. Isaac was screaming inside. I saw you die! You split open and white bugs crawled out! you withered on the ground! I saw you!

The shadow was unfazed when Isaac threw a fireball in it's face. Well it worked before. This would be time for plan B. He let loose another jet of flames but still nothing. Ok, how about plan C?

He threw another fireball, stopping it over the beasts head. "Goodnight." He plowed the fire ball down on the beasts head with all the force of a speeding minivan. It fell limply to the ground, whether surprised or unconscious it was impossible to tell.

The shrieking call of an eagle split the air, and what appeared to be the shadow angel fell onto the wall of fire, a white gash splitting the creatures side.

The white bugs made a horrible wailing sound when they were consumed by the fire, proceeded by the sound of popcorn popping. The smell of formaldehyde stung his nose as the first rays of daylight streaked the sky.

The End

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