The Hole

Isaac watched as the strange person in the trench coat went up to the bird-man. He wasn't understanding a word being spoken, and it was honestly just irritating him. But he felt reassured in the way pretty much everyone also looked either frustrated or confused.

"Bird-boy, got any ideas?" the man in the trench coat called as the bird-man continued to walk away. "What should we do?"

The bird-man looked back at him, anger seeming to slip not only from his voice but his whole being. "Go to hell."

Isaac looked as he headed toward the white abyss, leaving the two of them behind. I guess I made the right choice after all. What a jerk.

"I must think of something to say to that." the trench coat man said hardly above a whisper. Isaac's glance changed from the bird-man back to the group, still being talked to from that... thing, then to the trench coat man. Is he talking to me?

"How 'bout, go to hell yourself?" the man asked. Kind of weak. Isaac thought, but before he got the chance to say anything he seemed to answer for himself. "No, something that will hurt..."

After that he looked back at the mass of people, who Isaac also noticed was now watching this exchange.

"Go ahead! Desert us like you deserted your people!" Isaac shouted. The bird-man's wings twitched, and so he felt he was headed in the right direction. "You MONSTER!" It had been a total and complete shot in the dark, but it seemed to have worked.

In fact... maybe too well. He seemed to have collapsed on the floor. Not in some sort of mental anguish, down on his knees slamming his fist in the ground. He seemed to have simply passed out.

Isaac felt the gentle wind before the angel spoke. "Is there more going on here than we know?" the angel asked him. The question had been directed at the trench coat man as well, but he didn't seem to have noticed.

"Maybe another time." Isaac answered. The angel looked at him concerned. "I think we should at least check to make sure he's ok."

Isaac sighed and began walking toward him. The angel was right behind him. When Isaac looked however, he could no longer see the trench coat man.

Now close up, Isaac could see the snarl on the bird-man's face. He was rocking very slightly on his back, and it seemed he was dreaming of something. The angel tensed noticeably beside Isaac, but apart from a quick glance Isaac didn't acknowledge it.

The bird-man started whispering, and then his eyes shot open.

"How was your nap, bird brain?" Isaac smirked.

His retractable claws sprang from his hand and with a low growling sound sprang at Isaac. Instinctually the fire burst from his hand at the sight of danger, and only with all his will kept the fire in place. He was starving but that kind of fried chicken, he was sure, would not be on the menu.

The bird-man threw his hand toward Isaac, but in a blur of motion there were two people restraining him. It was that yellow and green person and that man in the trench coat. Both of those people just skyrocketed in Isaac's list of friends.

"Fight back where you once were, not where you currently are." the green and yellow man told the bird-man calmly. Isaac could see the bird-man was shaking, and it looked like his knees were barely supporting his weight.

"Anger grips on to the confused soul, I understand." he said. The bird-man pulled his claws back in and Isaac's new friends let him go and took a step back. In the blink of an eye, the bird-man's hand was around Isaac's throat.

"Any last words you little brat?" he snarled, spit landing in Isaac's face.

Isaac would have been grinning, had his vision not been going black. The flames were already licking through his veins, and they burst through all at once, consuming Isaac's entire body in flames.

With a shout, the hand that had been holding him shot back, and he was pleased to see the bird-man had been so surprised he had taken to the air.

But with his gaze now on the sky, he could see a large deformation in the white sky. It looked like a bruise, violets and purples tainting the pure white. Like a sunset, but there weren't any of the pinks or oranges. And it was getting larger by the minute.

"What is that?" Isaac shouted, the flames growing in response to his fear. It was like a gaping hole being poked in their little blanket of security. He didn't know what it was, but that usually meant he didn't want to.

The End

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