Anger Grips On

Zanaria looked towards the group of people standing before him. He didn't trust anyone here, He didn't think he could, after all that has happened to him.

"Bird-boy, got any ideas?" London emerged from the huddle of misfits and approached him. "What should we do?"

Zanaria looked him in the eye and said, "Go to hell."

He walked off into the expanse of whiteness, leaving London and everyone else behind him. Zanaria sat down and closed his eyes.

London watched him and noted that he wasn't too far off.

"I must think of something to say to that"

a twitch in the eye

"How bout, go to hell yourself?"

a twitch in the eye

"No, something that will hurt..."

London looked to the group, who was now watching the battle of words, then looked back at Zanaria.

"Go ahead! Desert us like you deserted your people!" Issac shouted, It was a stab in the dark, but he hoped it was true. "You MONSTER!"

Issac smiled and stepped from the group. He chuckled to himself as Zanaria became suddenly tense. Then, Zanaria fell to the ground, his body unable to support him durning his recollection.

Zanaria was back on Yttar, back in his old tree home. Tethara stood above him and spat at him.

"You desert your people, as easy as that?" Tethara placed his foot of Zanaria's chest. "You leave your own two brothers here, to die?"

Zanaria wriggled from under his brother's foot, but it was no use.

"YOU MONSTER!" Tethara spat again, this time in Zanaria's face. "YOU MURDERER! YOU ARE NOTHING BETTER THAN A HUMAN!"

Zanaria looked over to his side, where his swords lay. It was no use, they were out of his reach. Tethara stepped down on Zanaria's ribs, harder and  harder.

"Die...." Zanaria hissed as he lunged as his older brother, talons extended. He stabbed at Tethara's puffed up chest, then flew back.

Tethara laughed as he died, and he looked right in Zanaria's eyes. Zanaria grabbed his sword and placed it in the sheathe beside his other one.

"I am not a monster." Zanaria tried telling himself, but it was no use. Tethara's words had sunk in. He was a monster.

Zanaria opened his eyes, and saw Issac standing above him, smirking.

"How was your nap, bird brain?"

Zanaria extended his claws and lunged for Issac, who in turn prepared a fire ball in his hand.

Zanaria pulled his arm back and thrust it towards the boy, but found himself being restrained by a schitzophrenic man and a green and yellow being.

"Fight back where you once were, not where you currently are." Moonal's grip was strong, and Zanaria's attemps to get free were weak. "Anger grips on to the counfused soul, I understand."

The End

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