Void (Part 2)

Moonal was recieved with dubious looks. His bizarre appearance and strange introduction took the clan of misfits off guard, they were all prepared to do battle with their mimics, yet here was a small yellow and green man explaining in riddles that they were exactly where they weren't and that they should have known that already.

"I don't know where you have come from, I just know that now you are not there, but you will return to that place when the day breaks." Moonal explained to London. "I know Autumn, and she would only bring you here for a good reason. Were you in trouble?" He directed his question to the group.

A few of them sneered, arrogantly. Zanaria considered the question and reluctantly nodded.

The Angel touched Autumn, she  gasped and a pulse of energy shook from her, knocking the angel and Issac back a few feet, and then she begun to fall.

Moonal outstretched his arms without looking up, catching Autumn in his arms. "Are you ok, ghost girl?" Moonal looked down at her face.

Autumn was breathing heavily and was just regaining consciousness. "I can't, I can't see..." she spoke weakly.

"Why will we return to where we came from, can't we go somewhere else? I don't much desire to return to the place that we came from." Zanaria stepped forward.

Moonal peered up, looking at Zanaria. "I don't choose where you go, Autumn brought you here for safety and rest, it takes a lot of energy for her to do that... perhaps in the time you have here you can calculate an effective approach to getting out of further trouble."

"Well if this is a place of rest, why were we nearly attacked again here?"

"That would have been a time mirage, it is an echo of the mind's occurences, it suggests activity that should have occurred in the place you came from, if this is your first time travelling to the time void, you can suffer time mirages and displacement sickness."

"So who are you, specifically?"

"I am a time reaper, I harvest time. You see, everyone assumes time is infinite, but it isn't. The reason time travel is practically impossible is because time stretches over only a period of a few centuries. We, as time reapers, harvest time that has been spent, the past, if you will, and wipe its memories and stitch it to the end of the next period of time. Unfortunately, time echoes occur, that is why history is sometimes said to repeat itself. When people speak of time travel, we are often involved in creating a seperate entity of time, that fold over previous time segments, recreating a scene, but unless the time hasn't been harvested, nothing that is done in that time period will effect the future, time is linear, it cannot be reanimated." Moonal explained, the gathered team around him stared blankly, apart from the raptor, who nodded enthusiastically. Moonal turned his attention back to Autumn, "Your eyesight will return... I don't know how long it will take... Your ethereal energy was too strong for your human body to take."

London looked around at the team... "We need to start thinking about what we are going to do when we return to that hellish place. We have the shadows to deal with, and if they haven't dealt with that demon, we will have to deal with him too."

a twitch in the eye

"I knew we should have left him behind"

The End

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