The mimic beings that rampaged towards the outlandish contingent flickered in and out of sight, their image fluctuating wildly. As they drew closer, Zanaria and the centaur lent forward and braced for the impact of conflict, but their distance and speed was misguiding, everything about them seemed false.

As they come within attack range, Zanaria, Mike and London swung forward, and the Centaur ducked and went for a low tackle.

All of them fell to the floor.

"What on Thrae..." the little lizard pulled himself to his feet. Nothing was there at all.

The group re-gathered and held a circle defending against outside attacks - from what, they did not know. 

"I surmise you'd appreciate an elucidation as to your approximate vicinity and the justifications for said location, yes? Well, where you are is a very simple matter of deduction. You know where you aren't, indeed? Then you know exactly where you are." Standing, suddenly before them, was what appeared to be a biped, with yellow and green fur or skin, or something that appeared soft yet, not fluffy. A head full of thick green hair nodded slowly. "However the justifications as to why you find yourself in this place, is beyond my current understanding. That is something that you shall have to ask her" He nodded in the direction of the young asian girl, frozen in a scream.

The strange man's eyes were sharp and keen, a wide tail flicked from behind him, his wild hair constantly bobbing. Green armlets were wrapped around his wrists, his arms looked strong, in fact his whole body exemplified a muscular condition. 

"who are you? London asked wearily...

The yellow man smiled... "Moonal." he said "My name is Moonal."


The End

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