Serves bird brain right. Isaac thought as he tried to scramble from the tree. His thoughts were angry at the way this person, if he could even be called that, thought of him as a child.

And as he fumed, he felt a rush of air pass his face. This however was not the dark force he was used to. As he looked, he stared straight into the smiling face of... of...

“Hey, that tree too high for you?” the smiling angel asked as it extended a hand. Isaac's mouth went dry and if he had been standing, he surely would have fallen when his knees turned to jelly.

"You're an angel." he said quietly. It was a statement of fact, not a question. Then, his face crestfallen and tears beginning, he held his head in his hands. "I'm dead. No... I can't believe it. After all I've been through, that stupid bird... he..." and Isaac looked at him, the angel truly confused it seemed. That man...

Isaac looked around and spotted the bird man easily. Is he dead too? Isaac wondered. It seemed that the bird-man was waiting for something from the sky. Isaac looked up and a startled cry escaped him. "Look!" he yelled, and pointed to two plummeting figures. But even before the echo could return to him, the angel was gone.

Isaac lept from the tree, a burning pain in his ankle, but none the less he ran toward the spot he expected the girl to land. It was right in the middle of the black river. He looked up again to make sure he was at the right spot just as the angel swooped from the air and grabbed her. Dramatic, much? he thought as he raised an eyebrow.

The angel was quickly approaching him when a sound of clangs fallowed by thuds could be heard. By the time he had looked, there was the Eagle-man, beating what looked like a black copy of himself into nothingness. And the oddest looking man in a trench coat approaching... Oh no.

There were so many of them. There were black figures, one with a sword, and they had the angel and the girl he had saved hostage. The blade was running along her throat. Isaac's eyes narrowed on that one. He looked different from the others. Somehow... worse. Darker. It was indescribable.

The fire was already licking at Isaac's veins when an earsplitting scream stopped him in his tracks. He could feel it as much as he could hear it. It felt like every atom in his body was shaking, warning to fly loose of their restraints and take flight into the foreboding black sky. Then everything was gone.

I... I'm on the ground. He realized. It was blindingly bright. Worse then staring straight into the sun. Yet, when he looked around, it didn't hurt. It didn't burn. He could make out figures.

There was the angel, the light actually making him seem to glow. There was that man with the trench coat who had looked so scared before. There was the girl he had seen falling. But there were so many others too....

That's when Isaac's thoughts caught up to the situation. "What the hell just happened." he breathed into the light. He was so quiet no one could have heard him, but he didn't care if they did or not. He looked around. White. We're no better off than before. he thought. What if this place has strange white creatures who copy us and try to kill us!?

He gazed around, no one seemed to know what was happening either. That was when one of them gazed up and nearly screamed. Isaac followed the gaze to see a girl, translucent and yet, just as solid as any other. She seemed to be radiating this light, her mouth open wide and her face frozen in pain. It was both the most beautiful and terrifying thing Isaac had ever seen.

"Angel?" he whispered. He turned to look at him, the awe still on his face draining as he was called. "That offer for a lift...?" The angel looked at him for a moment before realization spread through his kind features. He held out a hand, and when Isaac grabbed hold they flew towards the floating translucent girl.

"What... is it?" Isaac asked. Every inch they drew nearer, the more unreal this was becoming. And the more blinding. "I don't know." the angel said back. He didn't like not knowing. Isaac was beyond that though. After all, below him were two human-bird crossbreeds and a human-horse crossbreed. Shinning wasn't that much more to handle.

He reached out a hand to touch it, but the angel drew back. "The ethereal energy coming off of this one seems dangerous. I wouldn't touch her. Or that one down there in the armor." he adds frowning as he casts a fleeting glance to the ground. But Isaac is transfixed.

They slowly descend but see that there is mass hysteria on the ground. Well, as massive as the current population would allow. "Lets stay up here until they stop acting like children." Isaac suggested. He didn't have to wait for the verbal response as the ground stopped growing nearer. "I think that's the best idea I've heard all day."

The End

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