Ethereal Evasion

The area surrounding the valley was a flurry of activity and chaos, night drew in darker and darker, twilight dissipated and the final etches of light in the sky withered. A cruel moon carved its face into the ebony vault, pinching starlight and caressing the sodden earth. 

Dark creatures slithered through the petrified world, past parched shrubs and blackened dirt, towards the disturbance of the deep fissure. Deep inside the crevice, an Angel, an undead bird, a lizard, a centaur, a mermaid and a pyromaniac begun to find their way out of the shadows and onto the top ground. 

Above the crag, A demon lord, a ghost girl a schizophrenic and an Eagle-Human were scattered fighting their own battles. Dark figures peered down the ravine, as they dropped the helpless Anna. London looked on helplessly. Zanaria found himself tearing away at his own shadow. Alastor approached Autumn menacingly...

"You will tell me where we are..."

Autumn was still recovering the attack from the black scarab, her eyes still unfocussed and glossed over. Her heart pounding so hard that her chest pumped visibly. She felt like her face had caved in, Alastor had assaulted her so mercilessly that she wasn't sure how many bones might be broken, but she knew she was finding it hard to move, and to tense a muscle would be excruciating.

Remaining dazed, Autumn stumbled limply as she pulled herself up, still doubled over in pain, but keeping an eye loosely in the direction of the Demon Lord. Her steps were haphazard, grinding the balls of her feet across the earth in attempts to find a balance. 

Alastor stood little more than a few steps away and as he raised his hand to strike the damaged girl again, she begun to seem tremulous in the night, her body shaking, and her face clenching, her mouth opening and releasing a deafening scream of anguish. 

The sound increased steadily, to a piercing level where the Demon had to cover his ears, and was reduced to his knees by the sound. Around them the world crumbled, cracks stretched across the earth, sprawling like spiders legs. 

On the other side of the ridge, the shadow beings fell, holding their ears, their bodies shaking and trembling, their sides splitting open, white spiders pouring out of their mouths and eyes.

London collapsed, hands clawing at his head. Zanaria and his fetch fell against each other, forgetting for a second how to attack one another. At the bottom of the ravine, Issac and the new arrivals let out a quick scream of agony as the sound pierced their minds.

The sound then came to an intimidating halt, the silence that followed was eerie and tense.

As everyone opened their eyes, they were more than confused. 

London, Issac, Zanaria, The Angel, Crexnettle, Vladislau, Sedusa and Mike stood in an empty white space, everything was quiet and still yet there was still a ringing in their ears. Anna laid still on the floor. As each of them looked around, some at each other, not having met each other prior to this bizarre and illogical series of events, they muttered quietly, exclamations and questions past between each other. 

"You're right Mike" Sedusa looked up, "This most certainly is not Thrae."

Above them was one of the strangest things they had ever seen...



The End

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