Darkness and Death collide.

Zanaria had one thought running through his mind as he dodged yet another blow from his shadowy twin. "Damn he's good."

His shadowy tiwn let out a screech before diving at Zanaria again. Zanaria quickly tilted to the side just as shadow Zanaria swung, slicing the air where Zanaria once stood. Zanaria swung his blade but the doppelganger blocked it and returned a swing. Zananaria blocked that slash, letting out a laugh. However it was short lived as his shadow counterpart brought his knee upwards and knocked the wind out of Zanaria.

"Son of a..." Zanaria groaned before falling towards the ground. His shadow twin laughed and lunged at him. The shadow Zanaria brought his sword up to strike but a rock whizzed right by his face. The shadow looked up and saw a boy with a trench coat on staring at him. The shadow screeched before diving towards London.

"Stupid idea, stupid idea!"

A twitch in the eye.

"Shut up! The plan is to distract him!" London yelled.

A twitch in the eye.

"Well it's working! Bird boy's right behind us!" London turned around and was knocked to the ground as the shadow Zanaria passed right above them. London spat dirt out of his mouth and stared at the smiling shadow, menacingly approaching. London closed his eyes and braced himself for his death.

A twitch in the eye.'

"Stupid idea I told you!"

Suddenly he heard and oomph sound and opened his eyes. He saw Zanarais, buised and a bit bloody beating the shadow with his fist. Rage filled his eyes as he swung faster and harder. Shadowy little creatures began to pour out of the shadow Zanaria's face. He then grabbed hold of the creatures neck and tightened his grip. He then glared at London.

"Don't just stand there," He yelled. "RUN!!" London nodded and scarmbled to his feet. But instead of running away from the ravine, he ran towards it. He scanned the area hoping to find Anna when he heard a weak cry for help. He looked across the ravine and saw Anna in the grip of the shadow demon lord. He smiled as the four other figures approached. The one in the black trenchcoat laughed at London.

"It's over." he cried in a wraith-like voice. The shadow Alastor brought his hand over the ravine, with Anna squirming to break free.

"So long!" shadow Alastor cried. He then released his grip and London screamed as Anna began to fall...

The End

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