Like looking in a mirror

The darkness was blood chilling, down in the bottom of the ravine. The shadows played games with you, skirting from side to side, creating figures only seen in your darkest thoughts. But there was light, a small crack and the top of the deep trench, one sliver of hope. The one way out.

Zanaria found himself looking up at what seemed to be the hairline fracture of light. He longed to be up in the air, but his wing was still healing from the mishap with the freak show kid. It was nothing new to be hated and attacked out of the blue, it just made Zanaria hate himself a little more inside.

He rubbed more of the burn and re-growth serum on his wing, the feathers reaching about half the length they once were.

Zanaria looked back to the small opening, and saw two human figures gripping the rock face, they were going to fall. He hurried towards where they hung, but was slowed by a fierce wind that begun to swirl up. Zanaria knew he wouldn't make it in time.

"Hey!" He called up to the figures, their fingers slipping from the rocky outcrop they dangled by. "When you fall, don't flail!"

Zanaria watched as they released their grasp, and began to plummet. Zanaria sprinted to where they would make contact, hoping to catch them before the unthinkable happened.

"Anna! Where are you?" The man called as he looked around him. The girl was no where in sight, she disappeared, or was swept away by the wind. "Anna!"

Zanaria braced himself to catch this grown man, hoping it wouldn't jarr anything too bad. THUMP!


London arched his back as he hit the bottom of the ravine. He knew he should have died after a fall like that, and he also knew the ground shouldn't be squirming underneath him.

"Get off me!" A voice called from under him.

"Whatever." London muttered as he stood up, surprised that someone was there to cushion his fall.

"Your not Anna..."

A twitch in the eye

"Of course not, we landed on a bird."

A twitch in the eye

"No, It's not a bird. See it is just a kid with wings."

Zanaria looked up at the man he saved, and saw he was injured.

"Are those burns?" Zanaria asked, dusting off himself.

"Yea." London replied, as he studied his hand.

Zanaria reached in his bag on his belt, grabbing the serum he put on himself not so long ago. He opened his mouth to speak when a dark bird swooped down from the canyon ledge. It didn't look like your normal bird, It had long legs and arms, with a body built like a human.

"That bird kind of creeps me out." London began walking away from Zanaria who stood in the same spot, mouth hanging wide.

"That's no bird." Zanaria put a way the serum and began to unsheathe his swords. "That'

London watched as the Dark Zanaria, unsheathed his own swords, ready for battle. Ribbons of Darkness danced around the blade, as if they were trying to escape.

"Oh, I see the resemblance." London tapped his chin.

A twitch in the eye

"Hurry! We have to run!"

A twitch in the eye

"But this guy saved us. Shouldn't we help?"

Zanaria extended his talons, ready to fight off the dark eagle-human that stood before him.

It's like looking in a mirror, a dark, evil, mirror

Zanaria thought as he ran to the dark twin, swords extended.

The End

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