Night of the Adumbrating Shells

Small fangs locked onto Autumn's neck, venom seeped lucidly into her blood stream. Her mind felt weak and weary, the world around her becoming ever so slowly, darker. She couldn't shake the insect away, in fact, she could barely move at all. All she could do was remember the past, remember her mistakes, the people that meant something, the people that she'd never see again. All the strife she had been through, all the terrible things that had been done to her. Yet still, she couldn't shake the feeling that she should do something now, that she could do something now...

...but then, why bother? after so much struggle, so much ache and pain and sorrow and horror... why carry on?

Alastor crushed the last of bug minions, swiveling his foot on the ground, feeling pleasure in the crunching of the invertebrate, and the pus like substance that squeezed out from the side of his enormous boots. 

The Demon Lord peered around to Autumn, and slowly knelt down beside her, his mouth nearing her ear.

"At first... the black scarab will inject it's victims with a venom that renders it useless, you can't move or speak, you can barely see... it taps directly into your spine and takes over your senses. You certainly can't evade on coming attacks by turning translucent" Alastor raised a fist and plunged it into the side of Autumn's face. She shuddered along the ground, laying still, save for her chest bobbing up and down rapidly in shock of the attack. Alastor picked her up by her chin, facing her directly. "It then starts to feed on your memories... anything you've thought of, whilst it has been attached to you, you will never remember, you will never think of again." the demon lord smiled a wicked smile "I could just pluck it from your neck, crushing it in my hand, reducing it to dust... I could. But you see, the black scarab plays a trump card. If I disconnect it from your brain by force, it will snap your puny, brittle mind in two. I could do that. But here is the thing... I need you. I am going to save your life. You are going to tell me everything you know about where we are... and then, providing on how merciful I feel, I may spare your life."

Alastor repositioned his grip to around Autumn's neck, and tightened his fist, her little neck brittle underneath his grasp. Autumn's eyes rolled upwards into her skull, the back of her eyes filling with bloody veins. Her eye ducts swelling and pursing tears to her cheeks. 

As his grip cut into her throat, she stopped breathing... Her blood stopped pumping, and the scarab simply fell off. 

He released her from his grip, and stamped wholeheartedly on the tiny bug. 

"Now I think it's your turn to fulfill your part of the deal" he grasped her chin once more as she gasped for air, and her eyes rolled around the top of her eyelids.


Fire plunged in and out of the valley, narrowly missing London and Anna, bolts of lightening thundered along the edge of the ravine, and rocks tumbled over them. 

London's fingers were going numb, the tendons in his wrist beginning to strain and cramp, Anna's nails dug into his other arm, slicing cuts into his skin where she was slowly sliding out of his grip. His teeth were locked together, his face contorted in a spider web of muscular tension. 

"Anna..." London managed through gritted teeth " must reach the edge of the cliff and pull yourself up, if you don't we will both fall!"

Standing 20 foot above them on the edge of canyon, shadows gathered, simply looking down, and waiting for their victims to join them. A volley of fireworks haphazardly punctured the air behind them, plummeting down to the ground below. A series of angry squawks and shouts were exchanged from below. The rock wall crumbled, dust filling their eyes.

"I... I... can't, London, I can't reach" tears streaked Anna's face, her voice quivered like long grass in the wind, it bent and caved in, little hints of terror peaking in her voice. 

London's grip gave in... and they both begun to fall...

The End

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