A Firey Load

Zanaria struggled to lift Issac, who was still fast asleep. While watching his surroundings, Zanaria found human-like shadows running across the terrain. It wasn't so much that he was frightened, it just wasn't a good time for bloodshed.

"Kid, sheesh! Lay off the fatty foods." Zanaria muttered, and he roughly slung Issac over his shoulder and pushed off the ground. It took a bit to get into the air but, finally Zanaria managed to gain altitude.

The breeze felt good against his cheeks, it made him feel like he was home.


Stupid Bird, He thinks I'm sleeping.Issac thought as he opened his eyes. He was about 800 feet off the ground, and it was apparent he wasn't going higher

Issac never trusted Zanaria, I mean, who would trust a human with talons and wings? From the point that they met, Issac was devising a way to escape. Playing the role of the helpless child was nothing more than step one.

Issac glanced around, aware that he was in perfect condition to light something on fire, or someone.

He moved his hand ever so slightly and worked his way towards the end of Zanaria's wing. Once there, Issac willed the fire to catch on the feathery down of his wing. After some coaxing, the fire took and began to work its way along the wing.


Zanaria looked back, and realized what Issac did. He stopped flapping and began to drop. Zanaria hoped that the wind would put it out. Every nerve ending in his body scream as the fire burned.

"That fire won't go out by giving it more oxygen...." Issac's voice trailed off as Zanaria unfurled his wings and glided to the watering hole he landed in before hand.

The fire was flickering, but still burning strong

"I'm going to kill you kid!" Zanaria screamed as he felt the burning wing give way.

They fell 600 feet before hand, Zanaria's dropping and Gliding had seen to that. But they still were in danger of becoming a pancake, they still had 200 some to go.

"Kid, I'm going to save you." Zanaria said as he began to steer with his healthy wing. "But only so I can kill you later."


After a few minutes of spiraling, Zanaria and Issac landed. Or Zanaria landed on Issac, using him to soften the fall. Issac felt the wind escape from his chest as he smacked into the shallow water below. Zanaria then preceded to throw Issac into the knurled, bare tree just to his right.

"Kid, I'm going to say this once." Zanaria began to rifle through the bag, trying to find the instant burn and re-growth serum he got from elders on a different planet. "If you ever see me again, I will have both my wings healthy and both my swords through your chest."

Issac began to work his way out of the branches in the tree, wanting to end the fight before it began.

"I only did that, seeing has you don't know who you enemies are on this planet." Issac called after Zanaria, who had begun to walk away.

Zanaria stopped and cocked his head over his shoulder. He pursed his lips then said:

"No, you don’t.” He began walking again. "And you just confirmed one."

Issac could see the burns on Zanaria's wing already disappearing and the faint hint of down beginning to form as the beginnings of dawn highlighted Zanaria's menacing form.

The End

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