Eyes of an Eagle

This planet was much different than the ones he had found along is self-enforced banishment. This one had an eerie feel to it, Zanaria liked it. He swooped down through the atmosphere, cringing as the heat battered against his wings. This atmoshere was dark, and gloomy, not at all like the last planet he went to, Tryinna. Of course, there was a difference between a planet like this and a planet made with sunshine and love. Zanaria extened his claws and covered his face, feeling the heat mixing with the dust.

Big atmosphere...huh...must be a hell-hole down there. Zanaria thought. He felt an involentary memory creep into his mind and he shuddered as it began to take over his conciousness.

Standing in the middle of a feild, at Zanaria's home planet, the one that was previous to earth, Yttar. Sword gripped in his right hand, a wrist band with retractable plates in his left. All around him, chaos, death, a greenish fluid that resembled a blood like substance. He caused it, he had created this carnage. If it wasn't for that disease, that ate away at the eagle-humans and the frog-humans, he wouldn't have had to kill his own brethren. He killed half of his family, even his own mate. Zanaria fell to the ground in a heap, involentary tears running down his war blasted cheeks.

"I'm a monster."

Zanaria woke with a start, finding that he was out of the atmosphere, and was laying on the ground, the hard, barren, ground. He looked down at his hands and blew a sigh of relief. His claws had retracted before impact, if not, he could have died.

He flapped his wings once or twice, to see if anything was broken. He then felt for his two swords, strapped across his back. Still there.

he landed in what seemed to be a watering hole. Zanaria cocked his head to the side, wondering how water on this planet is even possible. Picking him self up, Zanaria began walking towards a black pool, something about it aroused the darkness with in him. Carnage, Chaos, Attack, Dark Abyss. It flashed before his mind, and stimulated his thirst for blood.


Zanaria poked at the human he pulled from the black liquid. After hearing him cry, "Help', he hoped to find one of the talking tree frogs residing on the planet, Orios. But alas, it was only a human, neck deep and  passed out or even dead in that black abyss.

"You don't look that tasty, even for a human." Zanaria broke into a sinister grin, he didn't mind eating his prey after it had died. "Just wake up anytime now, maybe I won't eat you...just maybe...."

Zanaria let out a sigh, and slumped against the rock face just behind him. He couldn't bring himself to eat this human, he seemed too important. Plus, this boy looked too bony.

"Wha..." The human muttered as he came to. "i'm not stuck?'

"I guess not, but if you don't tell me your name, I may have to eat you." Zanaria laughed to himself, feeding off the sheer terror radiating from this boy. "Do you have a name? Or shall I just call you Bob, or Joe or even pink fleshy thing?"

"Issac. It's Issac." Issac stammered, feeling unsure weather to trust this hybrid or to torch him. " And you are, or more importantly, what are you?"

"Zanaria, Eagle-human outcast. I have slain millions of beings, from the smallest rabbit to the largest Ork in the Barirr Mountains." Zanaria brushed his hair from his eyes. "And I see that distrust in your eyes, that speck of uncertanty. Don't worry. If I haven't eaten you yet, I don't think I will."

Issac let a long breath escape from his chest, as he noticed his shirt was missing.

Zanaria shrugged and said. "Must have stayed with the sludge." He pulled the shirt off his back and handed it to Issac. "Your going to get cold. Sorry bout the slits in the back.

Issac pulled the shirt on and shivered, he looked around for something to light, but nothing was around him.

Zanaria sympithized, Thinking of his little brother, back on Yttar and smiled for this first time in since his self-banishment. Unfurling his wing and wrapping it around Issac, who layed curled in a ball, too tired from today's events to protest like he wanted too.

"I'm not a kid." Issac murmmured as he drifted into sleep while Zanaria watched over the horizon with the eyes of an eagle.

The End

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