Division of Memories

(((Autumn wasn't dead. She remembered dying but nonetheless, here she was, breathing, fighting, bleeding. She was so alive it made her memories feel like lies. Only a few days before, she remembered now, so vividly, her death, the inexplainable birth of her child, slipping away in the Ghost Line, pulled under by the darkly withered hands of death.

She had awoke here, in this hellish place, constantly being chased and tormented, day after day being tested, having to fight to still exist, wherever she went, always fighting for hope, always fighting for what was right, always fighting. When can I just have some hope? she thought, she looked down at her hands, filthy with rusty coloured dirt. When can I just have some peace?

She recalled Silver's face, terrified as she slipped away from him beyond his power, he couldn't fight the tide, he couldn't help her live again, no matter how hard he tried. She knew this. He knew this, yet still he tried and now she was here, dead but unmistakably alive. Was this hell? Did she deserve this?)))

Autumn looked around, everything was numb, the sounds of what happened around her dull and distant. Her mouth was wide, and her eyes glazed, she was having trouble thinking, having trouble to move, her senses all softened. 

In front of her she saw the swarm of insects forming strange creatures en masse, swinging mighty limbs of millions of insects at the demon lord. He stood his ground, swinging his savage fists back at them, each knock thundering through a plethora of dark creatures. 

The Demon turned to face Autumn, he shouted her, but she couldn't see what he was saying, only a deep reverb of what he said pounded around her mind, only a numb echo of the sounds volleyed inside her mind. Once more he moved his mouth, and Autumn tried her best to concentrate on the movement of his lips, beyond the blur that her eyes cast over the world, she felt dazed and couldn't explain why. As she watched, it appeared as though he said "The creature on your neck... the creature on your neck!"


"We have to cross NOW Anna." London grabbed her hand, and carefully attempted to place his foot on the safer parts of the log that crossed the ravine. The trunk shook mildly with each step, London didn't care to admit that he was terrified... even if they managed to cross the valley below, by the time they reached the other side, they would have to face four of the shadow creatures and London didn't know how much use Anna would be.

London felt the crunch of decayed wood beneath his feet, compacting until it wouldn't sink lower and becoming firm enough to place weight upon. He didn't want to look behind him to see the face of sheer horror as Anna clasped his hand tightly, slowly cutting off the blood to his hand. He could feel the pulse in her thumb throbbing against the back of his palm as she clenched when pieces of the tree crumbled and fell into the dark pit below them.

They reached the mid ground, dead center between one side of the pass and the other side, where the shadows slowly closed in on them. Heading towards what was chasing them seemed like suicide, but behind them was the endless nothing of dessert again, they couldn't survive another day of it, the time to fight was now.

London peered along the ridge to where Alastor had been left, Autumn was knelt, her neck held loosely by a strange combination of shadows. Alastor was slowly defeating the sprawl of bugs that attacked them. 

As they paused at this point of the crossing, a flurry of fire balls spiraled past them, shocking London into movement again, but as he stepped forward one explosion of fire thundered between him and Anna, scorching his hand and snapping the divide clean in two. The bridge split and begun to fall, London leapt, his good hand searching for the edge of the rocks. He slammed against the side of the valley, his hand grasping for a firm hold, as his body exploded down the edge of the rocks. His hand tightened and his body jerked as Anna's hand tightly gripped his badly burnt wrist. London involuntarily yelped.

London was badly injured, his face a pock mark of blood and scratches, his eyes flickering continually back and forth, his hand blistering immediately, bloody and cauterized. He felt winded, his ribs felt bruised from the impact with the ravine wall, he hoped that he hadn't broken anything. 

His fingers gripped tightly around a crag in the wall, he could feel himself slipping, he couldn't hold the both of them for long...


The End

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