Visitors from a time far, far away.

Over the lifeless, gray sky, Check-Mark argued with UV-Ray.

"We have to get those vermn now!" Check-Mark argued. :Screw your goddamn pln!"

UV-RAY merely puffed his pipe again. "I think that my plan will be much more...efficient. He then blew a smoke ring towards the sky. As Check-Mark gazed upwards he gasped. What appeared to be a large shooting star came plummeting down to earth. It was ablze and heahded directly for the clearing under Check-Mark and UV-Ray. UV-ray covered his eyes as it impacted the earth, sending a shockwave of dust into their direction. Check-Mark scred as he was sent flying back into thier cave. UV-Ray shook his head and looked over at the crashed meteor. Only it wastn't a metor. It was a strange looking bird with mettalic skin instead of feathers. Suddenly, it's head bursted open and three figures began to emerge from it. UV-RAY gasped and ducked his head.

Lt. Terrance Raynor shook his head. He peered behind him and saw his friend Sgt. Jason Stars and his fellow Liutenant, Damien Fields climb out of the ship. They were bruised and battered but alright.

"Everyone okay?" Jim asked.

"Affirmitive" Damien answered.

"Son of a b**** i'm hurting like hell but fine." Jason complained. Terrance chuckled then picked up a battle rifle by his side. It was a standard army gun, with automatic firing and a mini-grenade launcher. Jason picked up a rifle identical to his but Damien picked up a large sniper rifle with a modified scope. Jason pulled out a scanner and it began to beep, sensing for any life forms.

"Wow." Jason said. "Seems for another hundred miles, we're the only living things." Terrance gasped and stared at the gray sky. Where were they? And how did their ship suddenly plot its coordinates here.

"Ship system's fried too. Radio, coordinator, weapons systems, all down." Damien reported. Terrance scratched his head again. "Jason, set up a perimeter and Damien check what supplies we have. We could be here a long time." Terrance ordered. The two soldiers nodded and began to work.

"Raynor, we have enough food supplies to last us 2 months and enoguh ammo to last about 10 reloads each." Damien spoke. He glanced at the supply crate again. "We also got two extra rifles and about 10 pairs of frag grenades."

Suddenly an explosion bombarded their ears. It was soon followed by a yell and gunshots. Terrance and Damien then picked up rifles and began to hury to assit Jason. They ducked behind rocks and saw Jason doing so as well. There was the sound of a rock being slung at them, at a dangerous velocity. Terrance and Jason began to fire back when Damien slunk form the batle. He began to sneak back to the ship, flipping his gun to slienced mode. He then peeked over a rock and saw a boy sneaking through their supplies. Damien slowly dropped his gun, whipped out a glowing laser knife and began to sneak on the boy.

"What strange objects." UV-Ray thought. He then picked up what seemed to be a small, circular object when a strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck. A glowing blade was inching ever closer to his neck.

"Drop it and stay quiet kid," Damien ordered. "Otherwise i run you through."

The End

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