Returning Breed

Alastor's grip on the dark creature tightened as it fell limp, the multitude of millipedes and black spiders writhed out continually as the bird like animal withered completely, it's insides a mesh of movement expanding into the twilight. 

Autumn focussed a strange blast of ethereal energy at the creatures, separating them from their hive like movement. They spanned in size, some as tiny as pins, some as large as Alastor's fists. They moved bizarrely, in unexpected patterns. They were soon upon Autumn, flanking her...


London and Anna had reached the crossing, without attempts to look back. The petrified tree bridging the division in the dessert looked rotten in places and as London placed a foot carefully upon the beginning of the trunk, it crumbled weakly beneath his foot.

"This isn't a good idea London" Anna reached her hand out and held his shoulder in attempt to prevent him from going on further.

London weighed the options once more. The distance in the gorge was just too far for him to leap, and even if he could, he didn't know how Anna would cope, though she was obviously lighter than he.

"Our only other option is to climb down this side and climb up the other... but we don't know what is at the bottom of this..." London's eyes darted from one feature to the next, the options turning in his head.  

The last threads of sunlight glimmered in the toxic horizon, shreds of of red mutated and tremulous in the dusk, caressing the landscape, kissing the slow moon as they passed the baton, and the wicked lunar grin spat itself into the sky, a frenzy of starlight shards in its dark callous wake. 

And on the other side of the gorge, with the moon, came four dark figures, two short, slim figures, one masculine figure, and one representing the demon, still wielding it's broadsword...


The End

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