Revenge for Scratch

"They...killed him..." said Check-Mark.

"That they did Check-Mark, Scratch is dead" said U.V Ray

The two young boys sat at the edge of the canyon's basin, glaring above them as their beloved pet Scratch flew his last flight. U.V Ray stood atop the tallest boulders that over looked the river with a tabacco pipe puffing smoke from his mouth, and a walking cane clasped in both hands. The brothers, both 10 years of age, have been orphans since they could remember, which is more then they could say about their parents, they never knew them. Little nomads they became until they found refuge in the caves of the canyon. Not a single soul had passed by for years until one day, a tall man came strolling in, wearing a big coat with many pockets, who liked to talk to himself constantly. He befriended the boys after they agreed to let him crash in their humble abode and produced gifts from his pockets in much appreciation. U.V Ray took the pipe, much against Londons' wishes, and Check-Mark fell in love with a slingshot that, with lots of practice from smooth river stones, became deadly with.

"Whoever they are, they're dead for killing my pet" said Check-Mark.

"Now hold on" said U.V Ray, plucking the pipe from his mouth. "Let us think of a plan first, who knows this land better then us? we will kill them, our revenge for Scratch is soon to come"

The End

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