A stalemate at the crossing.

"We can't and won't leave him." Autumn insisted. London scratched his head. He knew they had to cross the ravine before it got to dark. But if they cut the demon loose, who knows what it would do.

"Not enough time, not enough time! Leave him!" the voice spoke to London.

"No we can't" London aswered. " He may be unstable but we still need him if we're going to reach Ariana unscathed." As he spoke the sun began to vanish over the horizon. Suddenly, London glimpsed a strange silohoutte flying towards them. A closer galnce and he saw that the creature was made of shadows. It screeched at him and began gaining speed.

a twitch in the eye.

"Leave him! He can fend for himself!"

a twitch in the eye

"Autumn, we..."

"No." Autumn firmly stated. "He comes with us." Suddenly the demon lord rose. Autumn and Anna began to back away from Alastor. London curled his fist, in case he needed to defend himself.

"Relax humans," Alastor warned. He then proceeded to snap the rope and plank of wood holding him like flax. Anna gasped. Autumn and London merely stared at him. Alastor turned to Autumn. "You think i am a misguided soul do you?"

"Yes, i believe there is still a living, breathing heart within you somewhere." Autumn said. The shadow creature was now only a couple yards away. Alastor turned to face the oncoming threat.

"Your wrong." he spoke. "Get across everyone across the ravine." Alastor ordered, without turing around. London nodded and motioned to Anna and Autumn. London and Anna began to descend but Autumn stood still.

"Thank you." Autumn said to Alastor. She began to turn when Alastor laughed.

"Don't thank me. The only reason i'm keeping you alive," he began. "Is so i can kill you myself." He then roared and charged at the oncoming creature. Autumn shook her head and descended downwards. She turned her head and saw Alastor ripping the wing of the creature right off. Shadowy insects poured out of the wound and began to engulf Alastor. Autumn wondered if she should assist her would-be-killer or heed his advice and leave? She curled her fists knowing what she must do...

The End

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