Ivory Pins of Horizon

Ochre ruins spread the horizon, a cascading mirage of ivory tusks pierced the cerulean empyrean in the distance. Four of the nine white splinters rose high at about 400 foot, pock marks in their side suggested etched indents into these foreboding constructs.

Beyond the nine towers rose mountains, higher and even more foreboding, their colours in stormy lilacs and pastel granite. Dark clouds swarmed the rocky cliffs, stalking along them on legs of lightening.

Behind London and the girls the sun was falling, and casting brilliant contrasts across the landscape ahead of them. Bright orange rust kicked up in dust and sand storms, whilst dark blues and venomous lilac kissed the horizon and oncoming sky. 

"What do you think that is?" London spoke quietly to himself,

 A twitch in the eye 

"Dangerous, looks dangerous. Should probably change direction."

A twitch in the eye 

"We can't, this desert goes on for miles in every other direction, thats the only sign of anything different that we've seen... everyone's tired, we need food and rest, and night is coming. We must contact Ariana." London paused at the edge of what appeared to be a deep ravine, he peered along it until he saw, only 300 feet away a petrified tree had been toppled to create a bridge across the deep canyon. 

"Are you still talking to yourself?" Autumn appeared behind him, her eyes studying him carefully. She followed his eye line to the deep mid desert trench. "Now that is a problem." she peered back to the hulking mass that she and Anna had transported by using rope and what appeared to be drift wood.

"There is a crossing a short walk down to the south, we should cross there... but you won't be able to lift your friend across" London didn't make eye contact with her.

"We can't just leave him here, he will die." she retorted,

"He tried to kill you, why do you care for his well-being?"

"He's still a living creature, it doesn't matter how misguided he is."

"We can't possibly get him across, it will be dangerous enough trying to get across ourselves. He is big enough to look after himself"

"We'll have to untie him then" Autumn looked around at the demon lord, he showed no current sign of stirring. His own fervor had been his undoing, with such power and strength he was unstoppable until measured by his own might. Autumn hadn't defeated him, merely became invincible to his attacks. 

London pondered their situation. They couldn't take the Demon with them, it was too dangerous - the crossing looked unstable as it was already. He knew Autumn could cross with ease, she wouldn't even need to use the crossing, but Anna and he would have a difficult time passing. Yet they couldn't untie the beast, he might arouse from his sleep and begin attacking once more. Autumn would certainly insist that he wasn't left alone to die.

The sky threatened the day, bleak thunderstorms clouded over half the sky, breaking through daylight and easing in night. They had very little time to make a decision... Night was coming, and whatever evil it brought with it... 

The End

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