Fighting Fire With Fire

Isaac stirred as he felt the force working its way into him, tendrils slipping past the protection of his clothing like being submerged into a vat of syrup.

He slowly got to his feet, the sun had nearly set. He started to walk, though he wasn't going to run. It had only succeeded in making him hot and tired last time.

He stopped in mid-step to look at something ahead of him. The sight was like a mental slap in the face. In the horizon there seemed to be a second, smaller sun!

He took a step back from the sight. Looking around him once more, he scanned the landscape to see if any other dramatic changes had occurred whilst he slept. Nothing.

He looked back and could see it was moving. That rules out the sun idea. he thought as he watched it quickly approach him. He was so mesmerized by the sight of the glowing fire in the dark, he never once considered how frightening it was.

Isaac was rooted to the spot as the fire came closer. By now he could see the flames were in the shape of a person, and they were sprinting toward him. Even as the back part of his brain, the sensible part, urged him to flee he stood perfectly still.

Only when the dark tendrils that had been plaguing him for the last few days did he move. they were stronger then normal, sharper. It was almost like having a physical object move along his back, worming its way into his clothes.

As the touch brought back his senses, he found himself seeing the situation in a whole new light. There was a monster made out of fire sprinting toward him as fast as a horse, and he had nowhere to hide. The land was all flat around him.

A million and one thoughts flooded his mind, but once the beast was withing shouting range they all quieted down, and he started running. All I've done since I got here is run! he thought angrily. He purposefully kicked up extra dust, hoping beyond hope to slow his assailant.

A rocket of fire flew past him, and he knew his improvised smoke screen wasn't working. He turned to face the creature, and found now it was nearly close enough to touch.Then it lunged at him, the most terrifying hiss emanating from it.

Isaac screamed the scream of someone about to die and raised both his hands, where red fire surged from his core and tore into the monster before him.

The fire died away from his attacker, leaving a black body laying in the dust.

Isaac fell to his knees shaking. I... burned him. His rasping breath pulled dust into his mouth causing him to choke. He felt like he was about to be sick. He knew he had his powers back, but the blackened body before him, he knew, would haunt him the rest of his life.

But one of the black fingers twitched. Simultaneously, he was elated he was no murderer and frightened beyond belief, because the figure was getting to their feet, fire leaping from their limbs once again. There was no face on the completely black body, but by the very way it moved he could tell it was not surprised it had just been blasted by fire, nor was it injured.

This time he finally listened to his smarter side and ran. It didn't follow him.

Great, it's planning something.

The End

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