Hostage? I was no hostage!

"We had him! Stupid Autumn had to intervene..." London whispered to himself under rasps of broken breaths.

A twitch in the eye

"See, if we had poked him in the first place like i said, this wouldn't have happened...but nooooo, somebody had to be "civilized""

London knelt on the ground, rubbing his neck, watching this guy fall in the dirt, chasing Autumn. Anna walked over, a frightened look changing to a smile as she realized she'd be fine.

"Are...are you ok?"

She leant down to place a hand on his shoulder, but stopped halfway and retracted her arm to her side. Forgetting Anna and her girlish sympathetic ways, he watched as Autumn walked towards the man.

"What's it like to be a hostage?" Anna asked.

"She's talking to us..."

A twitch in the eye

"What!? Hostage? I was no hostage!"

"Oh, you were a hostage" said Autumn, who walked over to the two, the man behind her, again on the ground, and somehow unconcious once more.

"I saved him for your sake! If you two were still talking miles away, and what just happened, happened, he'd be already buried in the dirt and you would have never known he was here"

The two girls turned to each other and laughed.

A twitch in the eye

"I'm not carrying him"

"Fine" said Autumn. "We've got rope, bind his feet and drag him through the sands, he's dirty enough already"

The End

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