Chorus of Fusion

In this hostage tableau of control, for a moment all was still, London clenching at Alastor's mighty hand, Anna's mouth dropped in sheer horror and Autumn, smirking. 

"You shouldn't have done that." Autumn begun to move.

Autumn's body faded, a translucent aura taking her place in a glassy casing, she swept up in the air gracefully, and spun backwards, her toes just brushing Alastor's chin. Caught, mainly by surprise as oppose to power, Alastor was knocked back a step, his grip on London's neck releasing, letting him drop. 

London fell to his knees gasping for air, Anna came to his side, asking if he was injured, her quirky half smile positioning itself in a caring-but-still-not-getting-too-close-to-you kind of way.

Autumn reformed into an opaque image. Alastor glared at the young 5" asian girl, stunned. 

"Who... who are you?" he asked.

"The wrong people to mess with I should imagine... I think you..." before she had finished her sentence, Alastor was charging at her. Autumn begun to shake, tremulous in the wind, the particles in her body spread into her ghostly form and Alastor crashed to the ground behind her. " ... now... don't you feel silly?"

The sun was steadily rising above the quad of misfits, a dry wind spread dust through the day, the sky transformed into a whirlpool sea of colours, dispersing their unnatural looking nimbus with a diffused light of indigo.

Alastor rose to his feet once more, his grimace, darker than before.

"I suggest you give up, you can't hurt me, and I can't hurt you, we're at a stalemate, I think you'll find..." Autumn calmly approached him, still in a mist of forms.  

The End

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