My greatest myself?

"Die doppelganger!!!" Alastor yelled. He swung his large broadsword at a shadowy figure, who parried his blow with a broad sword of his own. Alastor spat on the ground and got a better look at his opponent. But standing in front of him smiling, was a darker copy of himself.

"Had enough?" the voice asked. It had a lifeless tone. Alastor grimaced, for he had met an enemy he could not overcome. Himself.

Alastor stood up and and pionted his sword at his opponent. "You're pretty good." he remarked.

"Likewise." the figure answered back. Then it lunged at him, yelling at the top of his lungs. Alastor could only brace himslef as his doppelganger made contact with him, sending him flying through the air. The doppelganger smiled as his counterpart was blown back hundreds of yards. He then spun around and began to walk, searching for the other's...

Alastor landed on the sand with a thud. His armor battered and broken, his long blonde hair mixed with mud and sand. He looked at his rightarm and noticed his broadsword was gone. Alastor looked up at the gray lifeless sky.

"Where the hell am I?" Alastor yelled. His head then slunk to the ground, the strongest demon in hell had been defeated. Alastor closed his eyes and slept. 

Some time passed before Alastor began to stir. Alastor turned his head before coming face to face with a young man. Over his shoulders, two girls began to arrive.

"Hey buddy, you alright?" London asked. Alastor responded by grabbing the boys neck. The girls let out a gasp as the hellish man stood up, holding London's neck between his hands. He then stared at the girls, then at London. He coughed out blood then spoke.

"Who the hell are you?" Aalstor asked. The girls kept silent. One of them began to shake violently. Alastor raised the boy higher causing him to squirm even more.  "Tell me who you are or I kill the boy!" Alastor ordered. Then one of the girls began to speak.

The End

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