Funny...this wasn't here before...

"Funny...this wasn't here before..."

London stood over a man's body that lay sprawled on the sands, his clothes caked with ash, his hair desheveld with sand.

A twitch in the eye

"Poke it! Poke it! Poke it!"

A twitch in the eye

"No! Poking people is for stick wielders, we are much more civilized!"

A twitch in the eye

"Aw man! I never get to poke anything!

London sniffed the air, a raunchy smell emitting from the man below wafts into his nostrils

"How about kicking? Is kicking for feet wielders? because we've got those!"

A twitch in the eye

"Just...shut up"

London sat down beside the man and waiting for the girls to show, he had claimed early on the walk that he felt like he should walk farther ahead to check for anything dangerous, but really, to get away from the constant and annoying chatter that somehow permitted from each of the female subjects. He could see them in the distance, a good ways away. He contemplated waking the unconsious fellow beside him when he began to stir.

The End

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