Sister, Dear

When Alix woke, the first thing she asked was not "Where am I?" but "Where is Lisle?" Her twin was nowhere to be seen, which was as it should be, but she herself couldn't see her either. Lisle should not have been invisible to Alix. It was with a growing sense of panic that Alix stood, on shaky legs, to survey the world around her.

It was dark. It was black. It was eerie. The three things were not mutually exclusive to Alix, who was only scared of being alone; now she was stranded on an alien planet without Lisle, her worst fear.

"Lisle?" Alix faced into the absent wind, and called her twin's name hopefully. Perhaps the dead and dry air would crumble, forming a domino effect until miles away more dead and dry air would carry her voice to her shadow's ears.

Alix didn't get an immediate answer, and so she awkwardly wrapped her coat tighter around herself, and she resolved to find her sister.

Alix was nothing without her 'better half'.


Lisle, as opposed to her twin, did not register any surprise when she awoke. Yes, it was odd that she suddenly had a body, but that didn't matter. It was odd, too, that she was in a foreign place without Alix, but actually she found she didn't care. Lisle sat up slowly as a new consciousness awakened in her, and reviewed the truth of her last statement.

Lisle dispassionately held in her mind a memory of the previous night - starting with a bitter bicker-battle that had stemmed from a slight Alix had made towards her in school, and ending with a furious all-out shouting match - and thought wondrously, "I can take my revenge on Alex, here".

It was a joy to say the words out loud. For one, Lisle had never had a real voice before, and also, Lisle's usual relationship with Alix was too good to be true. Any normal pair of siblings would not have been able to tolerate each other the way Lisle and Alix had. Abruptly, Lisle realized that she'd always harboured a resentment towards her twin, and here was a chance to carry through with that. Lisle's repressed feelings slowly surfaced, as she stood alone like a queen atop a hill entirely strange to Earth.

If darkness is characterized by the absence of light, then Lisle was defined ony because she lacked a body, but no more.


Both Alix and Lisle each faced the direction where they perceived the horizon to be. However, a distance away, the two faced oppositely East and West. The sun of this planet was strange. For the first time the twins walked separate paths, perversely widening the gulf between them.


The End

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