Quickly he fell asleep, quickly he awoke.  The ground beneath the tree rumbled, shaking the tree, vibrating the branches until London slipped back into conciousness. A sound of large rocks bashing against one another came from somewhere close. London rubbed sleep from his eyes and swung himself back onto the branch. Light was reaching out from the far corners of the desert, day was breaking, the sands had died down at last. Night and day don't last long here, mere hours between sunset and sunrise. His eyes were used to the dark, he could see far distances with little light, but things were still blurry. He rubbed his eyes again and stifled a yawn. Out near the rock, he could see three figures, two looking like girls, one who he assumed was the one he had watched earlier, then other, a mystery yet to be solved, and a giant, brownish black...statue? The statue was kneeling near the girls, cornering them among the rocks. It looked ready to attack but London couldn't tell.

"Think we need to go take a better look?" he asked himself.

A twitch in the eye

"It is time to intervene"

London jumped from the branch, landing upon another, he jumped again, bounding off each branch until the last one at the bottom where he did a flip and landed on the ground. He ran towards the rocks. The statue advanced closer, his outstretched arm just yards away from grasping the girls. Cornered, the girls were stuck with their backs against the rocks, slowly, subtley, they began to climb.

"Girls" said London "Come down from the rocks"

His voice made all three turn and face him, with the statue distracted, the girls slipped away.

"Follow me Rockboy" smiled London.

He leapt up the rocks, reaching a ledge of solid soil that continued on from where the desert had eroded. He had hoped the statue would follow. Sure enough, it did. Halfway up, London yelled down to the girls.

"Did you know, that sometimes you can fight fire with fire? same thing goes with fighting rock with rock"

London lashed out with his foot, contacting the top few rocks with the heel of his shoe. It created a rockslide, which came crashing down on top of the statue, burying it underneath the rubble. When the debris settled, London smiled down to the girls, but suddenly his face changed to confusion for he had no way now of getting down to the ground.

"Uh" he said "Do either of you have any rope to get down? I am in a bit of trouble from my quick thinking"

"By the rocks" one girl yelled back, "I left my stuff there"

London disappeared from the ledge and went searching, he grabbed the rope and tied it around a huge rock, stuck in the ground. He threw the rope down the side of the ledge, slung the rest of the girls things over his shoulder and began to shimmy down the rope. He reached the end where the girls were there to greet him.

"Hi London, it's good to see you again" Anna said.

"What the hell are you doing here Anna!?" exclaimed London.

Anna took a step back, startled by Londons' anger. She began to explain but London continued.

"You should not be here, you should be with the others, you could have ruined everything! She wasn't suppose to face him yet, and even then, she had to do it alone, you knew she was here!"

"But...Ariana sent me! She needs you again, and she needs her!"

This infuriated London even more, Anna could see that his eye began to twitch, he shot his hand up to his face to cover it, to make it stop.

"She knows that I needed more time with her, that i would come to her when she was ready" He said.

"Like i said, Ariana needs the both of you, soon."

London sighed. He looked at Anna, then at the other girl, he smiled.

"You just had to wake me to save you...once again!"

The End

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