Beneath The Convulsive Sky

Beneath the convulsing sky, light had dissipated, abandoned the world for a better past time. In cracks the sky flashed darkness in place of lightening, spitting black ash from the corpulent clouds.

The statue, rigid, creaked and cracked. Beneath it's crumbling there was darker movement, something swayed and challenged the stone, challenged the dark world with something blacker than night time,Something found the sweet promise of flesh exhilarating. Something was pumping at the very core of this statue, beating and zealous, charged with the intent of freedom, with the passion of the hunt.

Jet fingers curled around crumbling stone, the statue decayed, sharp black fingernails clawed at the rubble, the deteriorating shroud of grey being replaced with it's inner shadow.   

Small creatures the size of mice wriggled along the rocks, millions of little legs stampeding in a chaotic writhe of bugs. They swarmed inwards to the ever darker statue, their life force consumed by the darkness, their little shrill screams reverberating through the black, starless void. 

The final few crumbs of rock dropped from the Shadow's thick, frayed hair. Stiffly, the statue moved forward. One leg at a time, the first foot flexing, and finding it's balance as it poised to lift the next. Slowly toward the edge of the outlook, slowly, step by step allowing each dark, venomous touch of skin to crawl around the ochre boulders beneath.

Two females, the shadow calculated, as they came into sight below. The shadow crouched, it's knees cracking and  flickering in crepuscular energy. It's featureless face peered downwards adjusting it's footing, ready to seize the girl.


Her hand remained outstretched, only briefly before Anna took her hand and repaid the social etiquette. Autumn shivered upon Anna's touch, it felt unusual, it had only been days, hadn't it, since she last touched someone? Oh, Silver...

After a moment lost in memory, Autumn tried to regain some calm. She had fallen haphazardly in her attempts to distance herself from the statue, knowing full well what would happen when the eclipse occurred.

Peering up to meet Anna's eyes, she realized that Anna was giving her a very odd look. 
"What's wrong?" Autumn asked,
"Well for a start, you're still holding my hand" Anna retorted, "but I was also beginning to concern for your sanity, are you ok?"
"Oh yes, I, er, I fell, from up there." Autumn's voice was clipped as she glanced up into the nothingness, a shape containing no face or feature glared back down.

"What is that?!" Anna's eyes widened, the creature above shifting and retching, it's body rippled began to scale down the rock face at a terrifying speed.
"That's a good reason to leave." Autumn clasped Anna's hand hard and began to stumble over the dusty nightscape. Darkness, mere steps away... 


The End

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