Fluffy, I Don't Think We're in Tlosp Anymore...

The girl dug her heels into the dust, sighing as it dislocated itself from the rest of the earth and flew away into the nothingness beyond. "Now that's just depressing," she grumbled to no one in particular. "Even the dirt is deserting us... er, me."

Anna groaned, clenching and unclenching her fists. Being suddenly transported to odd places was not new to her, but being absolutely alone was. Being the only non-dust entity in this strange world was so disconcerting the girl felt as if she was going to collapse in on herself. With that unpleasant mental picture in her mind's eye, Anna let her legs give way, falling with a lack of grace onto the hard ground. Muttering a few profanities as stray pebbles scratched her face, Anna let her feline ears droop down. It was then that she heard it.

It wasn't a particularly profound noise, but it was a noise nonetheless. As the disturbed dust settled, Anna pricked one of her ears up again. Yes, there it was again. I sort of... swinging sound. Like a rocking chair... but perhaps a rocking chair with one leg horribly warped. Anna pulled herself up and, blinking the dirt out of her eyes, called "Hello?"

The swinging noise didn't stop. Jumping back to her feet, Anna surveyed the surrounding land. It didn't look particularly different in any direction, but, trusting her ears, she started off in the direction from which the sound was coming. The lively dust flew up in a small flurry with every step she took.

After about twenty paces, Anna stopped and looked back. She could see the path she had taken clearly thanks to the still-hovering clouds of dirt, but from about where she had started lay a huddled human figure. "Are you just playing games with me?!" she snarled at this new world, but backtracked nonetheless. Had she continued in the direction she was moving, she would have encountered London hanging from an oak tree.

Now that she was closer, Anna could identify the figure as female, and probably rather young. Reaching out a toe tentatively, she eyed the girl, who had collapsed, face-down, on the earth, just as she had earlier. "Um... hey?" She asked nervously, her right foot pausing just inches away from the girl's shoulder.

The girl was silent.

"Helloo...?" Deciding not to risk her foot, Anna bent down to tap the girl on the shoulder.

A gasp, then the figure bounded up, stumbling away frantically. Then, after a few moments of senseless running, she turned back. "You're... not me." she muttered in wonder.

Oh great. A genius. "Well, no, I'm not. And who would I have been...?"

The strange girl swallowed, then, still warily, extended a hand. "Autumn."

The End

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